If you use cannabis and don't have a Dynavap, are you even living right❓

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DynaVap’s selection of vaporizers are designed to deliver the best flavors and aromas through sleek mechanical designs, unrivaled airflow, and industry-leading battery-free technology.


Stop smoking and join the Dynaverse 🚬

Whether you are smoking cigarettes/cigars/blunts/joints/dabs/bowl/bong, you are still making the very unwise decision to inhale baneful fumes. This is like initiating hell on the inside of your body, imagine your internals are being smothered by a wildfire. That idea just doesn't sit well with me these days, yet I and so many others have elected to smoke at some point in life. Why in the world do we choose self-harm when there are so many other options? No matter the reason, let us attempt to do a better job of choosing otherwise. Perhaps my video below will sway you to kick that nasty habit.

This is where I shill DynaVap to you 🚭

You can easily learn more about DynaVap by checking out my 420 blog. Simply DynaVap has created a battery-less vaporizer and yes you can use flower with it, among many other options. You must use a torch or an induction heater as your source of heat. It's actually a really addicting process, check out how it works in my other video below.

One more photo to enjoy 😈

You already saw both of my DynaVap M posing like slender models with my torch in the first photo inside of this blog. Did you know what the other object in that photo was? It was a sculpture I made during a university class in my short stint in art school. Take a look at a better photo of "The Tattoo Throne" below.


Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝🙏


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hey @daltono you seem to be following curangel downvote trail would you care to remove me or stop it? im not sure you are aware of it. i get flagged there daily by one user.

Oh wow, no I had no idea. Honestly forget I was even on the downvote trail. Yea I will be removing myself, they actually downvoted me a few times too just for posting in their community. So yea, I’m on your side in this instance 🤝

That first video is ridiculous haha... get away from that tap water! The vape reminds me of taking a dab but its flower instead. I assume you have multiple of them as it would take some time to use twice as to not burn yourself when repacking?

I know right. My friend Lee and I always end up doing some crazy stuff whenever we get together. You're right about the tap water. I used to distill and remineralize my own water obsessively. Then I would let the water sit at room temperature in window while it soaked up sunlight.

Nowadays I rely on a Big Berkey.

What is your choice of water purification?

This is the most intricate yet simple vaporizer I have ever used. I never got into dabs myself, although I have tried them of course. I was never the one to do the heating myself. Now that I see how easy the process is with this thing I would be more comfortable with it I'm sure. I just can't sit my Dynavap down long enough to be able to use anything else. I do have two of them, in that video both were used. I edited some parts out, so it did look like I was taking those hits back to back super fast. Gotta keep that energetic flow to go along with the song. Plus you do get a good 4-5 hits out of each .2gram-ish pack.

Thankfully I just received my replacement piece to go with my bubbler, so I am back to the setup from the 4/20. I'm sure you saw the part about the glass shattering suddenly.

Here is a post I wrote a while back about what type of water I consume & how to retrieve it.

Please also note the update in the comments about it being necessary to re-mineralize the R.O. water.