If I Had To Pick One...

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...It would be Gelato by The Cookie Family. My absolute, all time favorite flower to smoke. I love my Indica's at the end of the day, and this queen is the heaviest of them all. She is named Gelato for a reason. Like all the Cookie family, she has a sweet taste that can only be compared to a gourmet dessert.



I wish I could claim these were under the lights at this moment, but these pictures are from three years ago at work. Mouth starts watering with nostalgia. I don't know how she performs outside, or in the greenhouse; but indoors, in a cool environment, she thrives. One of the most beautiful flavors I've come across as well, with beautiful blue's and purples that reveal themselves if you keep the temps low enough. She was the consistently highest testing cannabis at our facility, and the highest testing I've ever grown, or been a part of growing-at around 30% regularly.


You can come across Gelato pretty regularly in dispensaries in Az, and Cali. Seeds are not hard to get either. Hands down the the best Indi I've ever had!

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I love gelato myself, I’m growing one out and it’s good. Cheers

@ganjafarmer has nothin but good things to say about you! He said you were one of the most talented growers in the community. I've never tried Gelato outside, gonna have to keep us up to date on that!

Totally we all need to meet and hang sometime.

I grew a cross of Geleto a couple months ago, vanilla frosting from happy dream farm, and it was amazing! I see geleto 33 on my local clone menu and I at get that. Your cut looks amazing!

Thanks! My boss still has these genetics. He's doing tissue cultures, so he'll have it around for a while. He said I could take a few cuts in fall when my greenhouse up. Idk she'll perform in a hot house during the winter, I've only had her inside. But I'm gonna throw either gelato or the cherry pie in the there, with a some sort of high yield saliva this fall. It will be my first greenhouse.

That sounds cool! And dude I just learned about tissue culture 3 days ago. Amazing stuff.

Yeah its really conveniemt. Can fit all the genetics from a whole room full of moms onto a wire rack with test tube in the closet.

That would be a cool post! Also will be the very first tissue post on the chain;)

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That is a good idea. I wouldn't have my own photo's but I guess I know enough about it to an intro into tissue culture. Thanks :)

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