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Good Morning WeedCash Network! My name is Daniel, many of you may remember me from the early Steemit days, and I also met a lot of you yesterday. I Am new to Hive, but I was an old veteran of Steemit, Here is my introduction post if you're interested.


A LOT has changed since I was blogging regularly. These communities are awesome, but I am still trying to navigate everything, and figure out the best places to post/tags to use. I also am brushing up on my markdown again, and I am having some problems with a couple things(like changing my stupid profile picture)I am learning, and you guys are helping a lot.

So I am going through my huge collection of pictures to share some with weed cash! What does everyone want to see more than harvest time? These are a few photos from one of our large 100-120 lb harvests. I personally built this dry room, and changed the harvest process they were doing when I arrived, and I had very little money to work with. I was rather proud of my self.

Their drying method was pretty dumb to be honest, and they put the fans and vents both on the very top of the wall. Air only moved around the top two feet of room, the rest was stagnant. The previous owners were also drying on twine like it was corn, or a hippy drying his weed in outside sun in 1971.


I like to dry on metal hangers. They are easy to clean and sanitize. Or if your my previous boss, they are cheap to throw away and buy new ones each harvest.

I like to chop my stems down to about 2 ft. and then to make sure they are slightly touching each other on the hangers. Then every couple days you can re-arrange the hangers, for uniform drying.


With the proper humidity, this method has given me consistent results, and an easy, slow cure. Nothing fancy, but it works.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my photos! let me know what ya think? What does you drying process look like? What am I doing wrong? Keep it real ya'll!



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Unless it's a different one that you are using but that's the one that I have a bot that runs automatically.

And wow this is definitely top-notch cannabis. You absolutely never fail to disappoint.

And you are really one of the very few people that has matched me for experience in sheer volume.

Oh and get it right you are a blockchain OG in the Cannabis community... Newbie? My ass...

Anyway I really want to chat with you on Discord! Super glad to have you back.

For cannabis content posting directly from the front endhelps the cause. But if you post off the front end, obviously use the weedcash tag, and cannabis. Other tags you should use as a cannabis content creator: naturalmedicine archon proofofbrain neoxian pal

Then a few tags of your own. Those above tags will get your post published on other front ends, and all have their own hive-engine token associated with them. Happy growing!

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Sorry! Still figuring this shit out! @ganjafarmer better explained to me the weedcash network, so now I'm posting in the right place. Forgot some of the relevant tags though lol. I'll get em next time.

It's all good. Try again soon. Blaze it!!!

Damn that's a harvest. I just jizzed in my pants.

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