Quick update

Hi all. Thought I'd drop quick message and update you. I have some good news and some not so good news. Please note that no final decisions have been made yet but there likely will be a change in how I curate and which type of content.

Haskkings hasn't launched and I wrote a post about the issues I have seen on my primary account. Long story short I may not be focusing on HK posts for curation (that is the "bad news and my final decision on that will be based on the actions HK takes to correct some major issues) but I am currently and still will continue to upvote Weedcash posts.

The good news, This may allow me to start curating in other tribes sooner than I planned.

Hive hustlers

I will likely choose 1 0r two from this list and start curating. My primary account has Hustler and Vibes (m4l) power so I could just delegate that while I build up this account. I don't have much Leo or ctp in either account so those tribes would be the most challenging to begin curating in.

As for the giveaways ,I likely won't do regular HK giveaways but again my final decision will be based on their actions. I want to feel comfortable that the issues are resolved before getting further involved. I need to give them time to do that to be fair. That said ,I mentioned and promised giveaways and I will honor that. Maybe I will giveaway WEED tokens to start.

That's it for the update. Just thought I'd share this because communication is important. Even though this account is small I still am accountable to those who read/ follow my posts.

Thanks for reading


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