The Epic Spinach Patch

Hey everyone, been a while since I've done a gorgeous electric spinach post, currently visiting a mate and had to take a few pics of his amazing newly planted weed patch!


Indica as far as I can see.. broadleaf indica, finer longer saliva... originally I thought the other way around??


So, I used to smoke the odd zol back in the day, now it's just nice to see it grow and become prolific, this incredibly medicinal plant with a plethora of uses.



These were planted from seedling trays just 2 days ago and have already tripled in size they clearly enjoy their new spot.


I may however borrow a few leaves for a nice salad at some point ??


Nature the incredible.

Free the weed.
Love light and blessings

PS: who holds xrp? Any wild EOY predictions??


Happy growing!

Sweet bruv loving it, appreciate. Cheer$;)

Looks a bit like my vulture if you ask me.....can I give you a veggie dictionary for your birthday @craigcryptoking? Spinach??!

Nice plants Bro!!!

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