Does Urine Fertilizer Work On Cannabis

Hey everyone, I have been doing a little experiment without my mates who's plant this is, knowing.

We play a weekly game of poker, every week I take pics of these glorious plants, but what else do I do here???



Well you guessed it, take a pee on the one plant to do a comparative test as to how it grows relative to the rest.


This gorgeous Indica has yellowing tips on the leaves but looks and is growing incredibly well, could the yellowing be from the urine fertilizer??



I see the plants on the far right are slacking behind a little maybe its time for a urine fertilizer treatment too??


I think I will do just that and post regular updates.

A nice general overview of all the plants some growing much better then the rest ;)


Love, life and blessings.
Have a magic Thursday.
Free the weed.


Really?! That's disgusting!! I don't even want to guess if the poker is actually a p-ssing contest

Editing: did you see this @craigcryptoking? There may be something you can learn from @samstonehill

Lol he he its amazing mwah

Hello @craigcryptoking, the urine has properties that make plants perform better.

I will start to follow you to keep an eye on the results, I am a lover of agriculture, nowadays a little away, until I fully recover from COVID-19.


True that brother no doubt.. Cheer$;)

Back in the day this was for sure a thing.

Lol that’s funny! But I hear it does. Some might think it’s gross, but no grosser then cow shit right?

Piss is sterile bro it works like a bomb he he

That's funny... not sure how it'll taste tho. I have a friend who pisses off the porch all the time. It stinks there now. He's been doing it for years tho...idk let me know how it goes!

He he depends which beer u beer drinking too I guess hehe

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