Zookies day 47

Hello everybody. This is a mostly indica cookie off shoot named zookies. This plant is day 47, and it’s in the water only stage. I don’t really do a flush but water only to help taste. Sometimes I’ll throw a little extra in. Well my new clone is going good, transplanted into a bigger pot of soil. I will try and do a update on that soon. I’m glad I’ve had a few people check out my blog. I use this strain as medicine to help with arthritis and other aches and pains. I’m hoping others try to grow there own. Medicine. Food. Flowers to cheer up your day. Growing is a passion of mine and I hope to get better every day. I hope everyone has a good day, and happy growing

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This looks pretty fire 🔥

Zookies sounds super interesting. I wonder will we ever run out of strain names 🤣🤣

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I hope not. Maybe if it’s good it we will figure it out I think

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Ive had wookies but not zookies. Wtf is this?!

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This strain is on my watch list. They release it every few months at the local club.

I’ve smoked it only one time. It was just some mediocre outdoor. But the terps really did shine.

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Think this is one of your newer strains. I don't believe I've smoked this one. But you got some fire

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