Purple punch

Hello everyone. This is a couple nugs I grew in soil organically. I grew it 61 days from 12-12 flip. I took a few pictures. I have platinum sunset sherbet Dosidos gorilla glue and overflow. I was thinking about taking a few pictures and posting original content here for all my buddies on the block chain. I’ll probably do some different ones on Instagram too @noahtheegrowa If anyone wants to check it out. I do a grow show with a bunch of other growers on YouTube live every Sunday four Pacific to six Pacific. I just got into a major car wreck and I’m very sore and I haven’t posted about anything but cannabis in a long time but I might post a couple pictures of the car to show the wreck. Well I hope everyone digs this picture and if you have any questions about growing cannabis or any questions at all feel free to ask him in the chat and I will answer as Well as I can. Happy growing

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What THC % do you think this stuff is?! Gotta be pushing like 30+% 😃

Thanks man. It’s pretty decent, and it’s fun

Picked a perfect time to check online, beautiful buds. They actually gave this cut at darkheart nursery. Maybe I’ll give it a go. You should drop the link to cheap home grow:)

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🤤🥺looking good😁

Thank you

Lol can you believe this guy said he didn't know how to grow long ago?

Yeah some fire stuff for sure. Well worth the effort.

Blaze it... You gonna share one day homie?

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