World of Botanica NFT collection walkthrough

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The world of Botanica a WAX NFT collection as of late has been introducing a fair number of NFTs to their collection. Being a smaller NFT collection The World of Botanica packs are affordable 15 WAX for a 5 pack (the cheapest). There are many of the features that can be used however why I and many others avoid this collection is a feature called incubation crashes my browser. Avoiding the incubation feature though there are still a number of things users can do with this collection.

So for todays write up ill go over the pack opening & their blend use case facilitated through.
As well as airdrop a pack of World of Botanica NFTs, and a few other NFTs to a single lucky reader.


You can still buy these packs directly from the company they dont seem to be that popular.
The link above will take you to one of their drops to see them all try this link below.
Now that I have a pack purchased I have to go to the botanica page of neftyblocks to open it.
I select the pack I wish to open and open it as long as enough CPU is available the open command will go through.
Opening results
Not bad but this collection sits a while before selling, but they have introduced many new features recently so I have been looking into the project again.

They even should have new packs in 3 more days.

Burn Use case
You combine 2 of the same NFTs from the World of botanica collection on the same page.
once combined the NFT will now be animated
The combined versions usually sell for more but this collection shows promise once they iron out the kinks. Meaning like gnomes started out a fringe collection its now stakeable through Rplanet or will be soon. The World of Botanica has existed almost as long and is fairly well fleshed out, a furthering of its use case via staking doesn't sound crazy.

what I'm smoking

some Cinderella 99 like 17% THC sativa dominant I think I split a bag with people I work with so I dont have the container just guessing from memory.

Also some fruity pebble rice crispy treat edibles, and vaping all day THC cartridges. Just to take the edge off some infused tea.

Remember Bud farm NFT new burn use case

Starting in 3 days the new mystery packs burn use case will require Bong Water NFTs so hodl the bong water NFT until after that starts to get a good profit
of course as soon as I'm able ill do a unboxing and write up with the whole blend use case and unboxing of the new packs and the mystery packs.

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.

once claimed please let other readers know in the comments it helps

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.
My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily


Sorry for the delay in posting. I claimed the NFTs last night and right when I was leaving a comment the internet went out. I have been learning a lot from your posting please continue sharing.

Hopefully , I can earn few WAX in Bong water. but does not look like Market has much volume.

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