What I bought in WEED & Weedcash store walk through

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I spent 420 WEED at the Weedcash store I wanted some Weedcash swag (A coffee cup) to go with my collection of crypto companies merch.

This is my third merch purchase paid for with the companies crypto or in coingekos case candies. Technically I guess they bought it for me it just took a minute, Brave hoodie came from BAT (Basic Attention Token) Earned as a content creator for brave as well as just using brave browser. WEED mostly was earned from posting on weedcash.network but also mined from the staking miners WEEDM and WEEDMM. Coin Gecko T-Shirt from their coin gecko candies not crypto but it was still free.

There are several Hive front ends with stores many of them function in a similar manor however were here to talk about burning WEED. By burn I'm using the slang for spend not burn as in destruction of alt crypto or NFT for resources used for production.

Needless explanation aside, the better part of the shopping experience to me besides buying something with WEED is the coupons from Hive list delegation (however I forgot mine last time because it said 420) but here is the official post explaining coupons.



1st go to the weed cash store
2nd select the item you wish to purchase
once you finish your shopping click the my account tab then cart
bringing you to the cart tab where coupon codes can be applied


Hit proceed to check out and this is where your hive account gets involved not before (my stoned ass couldn't figure that out)

Dont forget to check out https://weedcash.org/weedchat/ repost your links here I'm trying to invite new users this way so its easier to get involved in Weedcash show them what we got okay fellow cannabis connoisseur. The I just used to check out here are more or less the same for https://hivelist.store/.

WAX wallet and NFT update

No not launch yet I'm building the account reputation by buying selling friending before I launch, this is why I just posted a little yesterday on weed chat. I have been busy but its for a good goal cannabis playing card collectable NFTs. its actually a very active market I have sold a good amount of splinterlands assets already. 11 assets total earning 220 WAX which will be rolled into this project.
Day 1
Found some cannabis NFTs here listed for $800 and WAX is not ETH but EOSIO derived so little to no gas fees. Get your wax wallet here
Ill be giving out free Cronic Collectables NFTs when I launch to weedcash users who follow the launch post. I have done this wrong before so I'm taking the time and launching these NFTs (Cronic Collectables) right hopefully all this extra effort pans out.
You want to know how to double the price on your splinterlands assets I think this write up says it well I have gotten shout outs and mentions from it https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@chubb149/life-is-a-game-splinterlands
Doubling your buyers it grants you the opportunity to increase the price as a seller a basic econ tactic.
Kratom tea and Gelato today
THC levels of Gelato average at 20% Gelato is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid (55% Indica/45% sativa) Its one of my favorite strains along side gorilla glue its one I always pick up if the dispensary I'm at has it and I'm not trying something new the fruity, dessert-like aroma is a contrast to gorilla glue but their both sticky heavy hitters with distinct aromas and flavors.
Cronic cannabis soon to be a cronic collectable.
Ill be posting if not here then on weedchat daily depending on if I get time for a full write up I was shooting for Friday but I'm working on getting a verified collection because it would be listed. I'll make as much noise as possible the day before I launch.
Getting there though, all this talk of Wax has me wanting an evening dab...


Damn i think i should use some of my Weed too


Nice! Your mug is currently in production!

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