THCV Cannabis Chemical Highlight

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The chemical structure of THCV is similar to THC (Note the extra Lines on the THC image compared to the THCV image above), but it’s actually derived from an entirely different precursor. While most cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, are the byproducts of CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) synthesis THCV is the final byproduct of CBGVA (cannabigerovarin acid). CBGV converts to THCVA, which eventually becomes THCV when exposed to heat or light. THCV is most commonly found in pure sativas. Fun fact THC undergoes Its conversion THCA to THC via decarboxylation at 220 Fahrenheit 104.4 Celsius. Cannabinoids and terpenes are destroyed at around 300 Fahrenheit 148.889 Celsius THCV Doesn't boil until it hits 428 °F (220 °C). My vape is set just below this and my cartages to The cherry on a joint or bowl is around 1000 °F.
Edibles, Vapes most forms of Cannabis consumption other than smoking Most likely wont allow you to consume the THCV! That's just physics/ chemistry

Lab results show that THCV is most abundant in sativas particularly landrace strains from Africa. Durban Poison is one of the more common high-THCV strains, but other options for modern growers exist Chery pie for instance is considered to be a plant with higher level of THCV production (I Have Grown this its a rather finicky strain prone to mutation, But when you get it right its rewarding).

However I personally believe the land race strains probably being the more verifiable higher than average levels of THCV. Specifically the Sativa Durban poison if I had to name one.

however this is a list of some of the known strains with High levels of THCV production however there are far more than this.
Obviously there are many more strains that have produced a measurable level of THCV in the past, This is just a few however there is a considerable lack of Indica dominated names on the list. That being said few doesn't mean none...
Pink Boost Goddess (Photo courtesy of Flow Kana) Indica Dominant
Pink Boost Goddess, developed by California based cannabis farm, Emerald Spirit Botanicals, and distributed by Flow Kana, is one of the specialized strains to emerge from the recent hype surrounding THCV. Unveiled in July 2019, Flow Kana says Pink Boost Goddess contains 4.24 percent THCV along with 18.7 percent THC, making it ideal for reducing anxiety and suppressing appetite. Emerald Spirit Botanicals grows its high-THCV cultivar outdoors on a diversified farm growing vegetables and cannabis.

Unlike other high-THCV strains, which tend to be pure sativas, Pink Boost Goddess is an indica-dominant hybrid with a vanilla flavor and an intense floral terpene aroma.

Jack the Ripper consistently weighs in at 5% THCV or higher, with THC content that ranges from around 15-25%.

With a naturally occurring THCV concentration of nearly 1%, Durban Poison

Why is THCV important

First of that's rather subjective redundant literary framing device, secondly THCV is shown to be helpful in Apatite suppressant, Helps reduce symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes, And has a less intense psychoactive effect giving some a mental clarity like coffee.

Questions what THCV strains have you smoked/ grown.

I mean not necessarily tested but strains I mentioned or Ones you know had high levels.

I am smoking space queen today/ remembered

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