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As I have been doing every day Today I Donated 5 BAT to Gift Giver and Rising star two Hive services that are great for new users that really helped me in the beginning.

Rising star gif giver.jpg

So now the list includes splinterlands, Hashkings, STEM, weedcash, naturalmedicine, peakd, Ecency, Crypto Brew Masters, Gift Giver, Rising Star, and Leofinance. Making a total of 9 Hive frontends 5 BAT a piece 55 total BAT donated so far out of 65.

As I previously stated if Giver is really helpful to new users offering both a faucet for HIVE to all users and delegation to new users.
Rising star is a Hive game that I haven't paid a dime for and it generates me starbits and NFTs that can be sold for HIVE.

I'm thankful for both of these services as I am all of those I have tipped thus far.

What's new in WAX

Since this blockchain is ever expanding the number of projects that produce NFTs and trade NFT assets over WAX is ever expanding I figured I would highlight projects and news as I learn about them.

New project launches both on the 10th and 13th

on the 10th alien horror's start selling their very limited NFT packs on atomic hub
Ultra horror's collection URL

on the 13th Bitverse comics WAX NFT collection launces

Unboxing Upland NFTs

upland card pack 1 .png
Upland has grand ambitions with this collection in the near future you will be able to merge Common cards on AtomicHub to unlock even more Mythic and Legendary Upland Collectibles.

Upland unbox 2.png

Upland will soon introduce its cross-chain NFT portal where you will be able to import your cards from the Wax wallet into the Upland metaverse. It even gets better: Mythic rarity cards from the deck – including ALL 37 of the Blockchain Hero voxel explorers – contain actual NFT block explorers that can be extracted.

upland unbox 3.png

upland unbox resuts.png
Ill admit I have never been a fan of upland
But the plans involved with their NFT collection seem quite promising and since the upland NFT collection is new it sells really quick.

For $15 I got roughly $8 in corresponding NFTs out of a pack of ten upland NFTs. I could have saved them for combination later on however so its a collection to either hodl or keep an eye out for at the very least.

Because I lost on the purchase I give the Upland NFT packs a
4.6 Rating

There are changes promised for he future and thus room to improve but not bad overall.

White widow

White Widow Bud .png
Wouldn't be a stoned review sober so today I'm smoking White Widow another clastic strain

A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian Indica. 16% THC sativa dominant strain that while lower in the THC levels still gets the job done.

Gives you a Talkative energetic euphoria

Single claim NFT airdrop

The following link will reward the first lucky reader to click it with 5 free NFTs some white listed some not. Afterwards the URL is claimed once it will no longer be active
Please let other readers know once the link has been claimed in the comments it helps.

4/20 Air Drop

Sorry to sound like a broken record about this but I'm just making sure all my readers know this 4/20 I'm doing my second NFT airdrop. First 42 people to leave their WAX wallet address on my Weedcash post on 4/20 Titled 4/20 airdrop get exclusive event only NFTs & a NFT joint with WAXP reward to burn.

If you want to purchase any of my thousands of NFTs they can be found here



I think both rising star and giftgivers are great choices for your tipping.

As for Uplands, there was no discount so I didn't bother buying a pack. Their documentation I looked up didn't exactly give me much information so I passed. For ultra horror, I haven't seen much information besides being a collector's item. So do you have any more information about the things they are planning?

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Sparse info but they are adding a new pack to their collection alien horror's I dont even have a price but the promo NFTs and the old gen ultra horror nfts should be stake enabled through Rplanet.

Plus the promo NFTs generate NFTs on a mining lottery system for those with them in their collection mine generated 1 today
The packs cost more then $100 for last generations of R horrors and they where released in limited quantities. If I had to guess a price its probably north of $50 USD but I just checked the collection and site again still no info on the price

I got a copy of the promo today as well and I didn't realize I got a comic cover (promo) from a long while back. I have no idea what the conditions are for the these random airdrops. Do you know why?

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Hey there bud, I tried Rising Star for a couple of weeks and made some progress, accumulating starbits and buying NFT cards. I got a bit bored with the style of the game though. Still have some starbits worth a bit of Hive, so all good. The intro music was also too noisy for me each time. I liked the mantra though - rising star, you'll go far - lol, so I accepted that meme for myself.

The Upland cards look interesting though I wonder how they are meant to be utilized?

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The cards are instruments and band members that can be utilized in game to boost stats and eventually record your own in game bands music

Yay! 🤗
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