NFT lunch went great all of the promotional Royal Gorilla Cronic Cards where claimed

in WeedCash Network2 months ago

All ten NFTs where claimed the last two this morning, I also applied to be a recognized Collection so ill be listed on the main market. This was helpful to both parties, anyone that participated thank you this will probably go aa long way in the application process.

My next give away will probably be off chain on weedchat Ill announce The promotion on Hive as well but you will have to interact on weedchat post to get the NFT.

I am actually getting better at this sort of thing anyone has a NFT design they want made i can generate it directly to your address and it doesn't have to be the cronic card collection. I generate these with a RAM mining system. By having the WAX i had initially staked to mint these still earning rewards and RAM.

These NFT designs get complex including pairing assets like i did with WAX adding a website URL Staking and merging options as well as rarity gold foil and to many other features to name.

Needless to say if you want an asset bound with the NFT that wont be free. so that will be a bit more complex but just a unvalued blank WAX nft with a website on it or specific design ( no copies of original content please) That would be more or less free to mint.

Kratom science Genetic stress?

I didn't forget this is a blog for weed but its not exactly weed but to me its damn close Kratom. I briefly mentioned yesterday I'm testing a few new products from phytoextractium. Well color me lucky because I happened to get seeds in my whole kratom leaf bag these seeds look healthier then what I bought before and it was free.

I'm trying to get the seed to germinate currently, If I'm lucky and get the Kratom plant to grow It would be quite interesting to keep tabs on. As its a relative of coffee in a flowering tree family that produces different alkaloids at increasing levels when facing predation or heavy preening. This means this plant that grows year round can be continually harvested increasing potency.

This is what causes the different types of kratom either immediate stress or in some cases generational stress ( however the Research on this area is limited).

Technically this type of genetic trauma could effect marijuana as well For instance the higher THC levels in Indica on average is possibly linked to UV exposure. Increasing the UV levels for a few generations then returning to a normal light source generations later could possibly have a lasting effect due to the plants progenitors adapting in the short term.

Up until recently the major consensus was the adaptation takes hundreds to thousands of years minimum. Through selective breeding or genetic bottle necking this can be sped up with prevalent mutations being more and more likely. Assuming a mutant survives this the differences can be radical like isolated species on islands adapting in size.

outside of the statistically anomalous occurrences i just described Viral bacterial and parasitic ad fungal infection can cause rapid changes even in living organisms. Stands to reason these factors are altered with different stressors in the plants environment prolonged exposer to which gives you a evolution loop hole. Due to plants like most larger organisms are a biome of sorts for microbial life that contribute to a healthy organism and without them the large organism would die.

This could cause other effects both desirable and undesirable, Advanced growers know the importance of microbial health contributes to flavor potency health all sorts of factors that growers already account for.

The difference to me is less like the knowledge is missing its like asking some one to explain the geometry and applied physics behind tossing a ball to hit a target. Unfortunately the laws until recent years had us using phenotypes and playing by feel. Its great this much information on the subject has been recorded due to the fact we have been metaphorically flying blind. Due to the lack of mass scale genetic sequencing and records of the environmental conditions of the tested cannabis.

Making kratom tea



I just got the Corse leaf first time.


Unrelated information

Some how I have failed to let others know about bet fury and its new BNB faucet I know casinos suck but the faucet is much more powerful for the next few days. The minimum withdrawal is a dollar and you can get there without spending a dime Faster now with the new BNB faucet every 20 min.
I dont want this to be a casino commercial but the features I listed are just a drop in the bucket compared to what they offer all together.
I just happened to look at this to claim it and figured I would let others know

Today red Meng da kratom tea and TC tangerine cookies for my daily dose


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