NFT collection updates Bud Farm, Splinterlands, & AlienShips

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Bud farm has new burn use cases and packs, a new WAX game launched a few days ago, & Splinterlands has less then 160,000 Dice packs for sale. NFT collections have been picking up in speed of development & new projects pop up so frequently it can be difficult to keep track of just a handful. I profited from two of the collections I will address today Bud Farm is finally in the green & Splinterlands has made me quite a bit of money.

Bud Farm

Bud Farm has had the most launches in the shortest amount of time of any NFT collection I follow on WAX. Its also about cannabis and fairly affordable, that's many reasons for me to be all about this collection, granted at first limited usage kept the resale low this is no longer the case and the market has finally realized this.

Bud farm top sales
See bud farm is an interesting NFT collection based around its burn use case an has a cannabis theme. I have been doing this long enough to recognize the amount of money/effort put into a WAX project. Because of this I have a feel for collections I pay extra close attention to Bud farm is one such WAX NFT collection.

Burn use cases
While the individual NFTs used to produce any of the Blend use case only NFTs can sell for almost nothing the end result for blending the cheaper NFTs can be quite rare and sell for much more then the sum of its parts.

The best way to look at this is how cannabis works while all of the necessary items to grow a cannabis plant can be cheap or even free, the resulting cannabis when done right can be very valuable.

While the necessary NFTs to produce a bended NFT in bud farm can be cheap the creators have a way of ensuring nothing stays that way forever. This parallels the real world cannabis production depending upon countless factors the necessary materials can vary in availability.

Two hours from now Bud farm begins to sell new packs, the following day the new burn use cases go online. Right now like last time you can get many of the NFTs for the new burn use case for fairly cheap. About $3.50 USD worth of WAX can get the necessary NFTs to produce the NFT pack below.


This is just one of close to 10 new burn use case combinations recently added each requiring various NFTs to produce I implore anyone interested to try and find a NFT listed in the burn use case to cheaply produce.

Blended NFTs from this collection seem to be the quickest way to profit it took me a second to see that. click the following link to check out the whole burn use case yourself.
Last time I tried to explain each in detail but to be honest I barely have enough time to post as of late.


So since splinterlands has been becoming increasingly popular as of late with old and new players alike jumping into the game to get as many Dice packs as they can before there are no more available.

Because of this I would like to share my system for earning the most from your daily challenges.

Every time you are allowed to use potions to improve odds or in the case of quest potions the number of Chests given for daily quests.

In the lowest rank Bronze the daily quest rewards 1 chest without a quest potion . With one quest potion costing 750 DEC the number of chests rewarded even at the lowest rank is 5.

As your rank increases so to dose the number of chests rewarded, every potion to me is a worth while expenditure even if it isn't always going to be profitable results every time.
This image above is a typical Quest reward for me at with quest potion applied at a cursory glance the 750 DEC was earned back and then some. the potions shown cost 210 DEC, 77 DEC just rewarded, & the cards retail at 130 DEC 190 DEC. while this alone would not be much of a loss today i got lucky and got a single card worth more then the quest potion when all cards have sold would have doubled my 750 DEC investment.

Besides who wouldn't use a magic potion IRL if it just made you more money or just improved your luck.

Packs end soon!!!

Dice packs with just over 150,000 packs left in the splinterlands in game store have about 2 weeks at most 3 until they are sold out. Given that the untamed packs sold their last 100,000 packs in less then a day the dice packs could realistically be gone tomorrow afternoon.

If you see Dice packs available on Hive engine for less then market value buy them you will certainly profit once they sell out.
Not even sold out and the markets jumping on both Hive and WAX
right now $3.31 USD is the cheapest on WAX the sticker price is $3 with the commission taken out from this price on WAX they are profiting $0.09 USD on a NFT that usually is sold at or just under cost to take advantage of price differences and the airdrop system when purchased in bulk.
see when you purchase and resell this way at or near cost you can profit all be it just a little bit in the long run + depending on your number of units purchased airdrops will be likely and pure profit. Reselling gradually at or over cost now that distribution will be purely peer to peer after the game sells out.

Meaning as long as you buy in bulk set a line in the sand price wise and dont panic and short sell by the time you have sold out it would be guaranteed profit, & the airdropped cards are popular so selling those is the matter of hours at most

Alien Ships

Fun little new WAX game that you purchase a ship to play, the ships cost a little over a dollar a piece and owning said ship gives users the ability to play the connected game.
Three different ships are available the one shown above is the cheapest and hardest to utilize.
playing the game similar to space invaders generates credits, credits purchase ship NFTs. For now the game works very well as does the reward system but it is far from profitable possibly worth checking out if curios.

What I'm smoking

For those unaware I always add a section to my posts showcasing what I'm smoking kind of as a joke and as a warning while yes my content contains tips I use to profit I'm stoned while giving this advice consider the source is what I'm saying.

I also post to weedcash to try and allow the weedcash users an opportunity to get my airdrops as this is the front end where I first posted when I joined hive.

I'm smoking Grape ape crossed with gorilla glue my friend grew not bad, Has a damn powerful buzz.

The picture sucks but I was in a rush to get this uploaded Bud Farm packs are already on sale & the burn use case starts in less then 24 Hours.

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.
Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.
My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

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