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As an added incentive my first 10 cards minted have WAX attached to the asset, The Royal Gorilla Cards can be burned for 3 WAX roughly a dollar USD. Yeah you can burn weed and get WAX for it because I'm such a smart ass, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a joke like that.
I have never done this sort of thing before so just as I said yesterday first Ten people to like and re-blog this post & list their Wallet address in the comments Will be sent the Royal Gorilla Card ( you could friend me but that's not required). I will get them sent out as soon as possible and then reply to your comment indicating its been sent. I would appreciate a conformation that its been received ( again not required but it would help).

Cronic Cards Go live

Either this evening once the ten are sent out, or as many people that like and re blog are sent out. Ill begin selling the rest of series one starting with Gelato, The first 10 market cards may have wax attached at first but from then on randomly the WAX also will be less then the Beta Exclusive to Hive users Royal Gorilla Cronic Card.

Now I understand how tempting the prospect of burning weed is, You can do what ever you want with them its your card sell it burn it or stash it your call.

However if the odd thing happens that these collectables take off in popularity you could cost yourself a pay day and they will be burnable for ever. The (Beta) cards while not assigned a rarity will be the rarest minting ( there for its like a first edition that wont be released to the public and may eventually hold immense value). If not they will always have the base value.

Please be patient I'm a one person dev team.

Yeah all this is being done by me the first ten may take a minute to be sent. If I reply sent and you have not received the asset there may be unforeseen issues so needless to say I'm going to really appreciate feedback from those I have sent cards to.


Keep up with the consistence.
I know they won't appreciate it.
But I am in the belly of the beast like a navel watching your moves chubbie 😍
And honestly speaking you are working intensely jus like a slave
I envy what you are doing.
Finna tip you some rare rare token tomorrow. Let's my hive-engine dex portfolio gain some good good.
Will be appreciating your smart work. 💯

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thanks happy to see someone besides the feds are watching

"Surveillance is my busy work."
Is that wut u mean?
Lol 😂
You need to add me on your autovotes.
We need to build this weedcash network stronger together.
I curate #palnet #archon #ctp as per your current post tags & much more tribe & community tokens that I been seeing on your #hive works.
Believe me.
I ain't here for the short-term play play playa 💯
You can see my tribe token power balances on my wallet section.
Trilli'$ Vault
See your name on my autovotes.
Nō: 22 😎
I added you last month.
Are you in 🤝?

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This will sound stupid but how is it like setting a witness?

Hahaha 😅
I ain't got no witness on my hive account.
If I have, prolly one.
I love building a network of exclusive tribe token curators.
Just trying to see if I can create a network of 1000 LOYAL curators.
What are the pros and cons of having a witness on hive?

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Access to add your fans & following curation trails.

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is this correct ?

Wow, weed nfts 😁. If I'm one of the lucky ones, here goes my address: Thanks for the giveaway!

your qualifying I just would appreciate just the address as to not send o the wrong one sorry for the inconvenience

I just sent it i think it went through be sure to check the collection your viewing is croniccards1 to interact or see the nft Royal Gorilla from series one that has been sent please let me know if you got it due to the address issue

Nothing arrived so far. I'll put the address below if you want to give it another try. Cheers!

Now I found it! Had to go to atomic Hub and unselect "only verified". It doesn't appear on my wax wallet, maybe that changes once you get verified. Thank you again!

I like the idea of ​​having letters of cannabis species, also the photos are incredible

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Ok I figured it out. Hope i am not to late


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so that was the correct address? How long does it take to view them?

I have had 1/2 hour delays on splinterlands assets but ill, try and figure it out if you haven't gotten it to load in 20 min let me know it might be a setting in attomic hub

Under account settings make sure these are clicked (may be the issue)

Ok. Just curious since I am such a noob to this. I guess if my wallet address looked off you would be able to tell. I’ll check back in a few.


The red underlined is your wax wallet address when looking at your NFT dash board on wax wallet .


On your wax wallet hit the arrow for any collection change it to croniccards1 if listed
Just tested it with a brand new account( same problem until i switched it

These are pretty cool, I have yet to check out wax blockchain but it has been on my to-do list. maybe I'll check it out

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yeah cool AF and minting is so awsome + splinterlands cards sell for double

all nfts claimed