Juicy feilds NFTs and several other blockchain projects

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A member of my household has tested positive for covid so now I'm in quarantine for the next 18 days. I guess life gives you lemons throw them at your enemy, make the best of the situation in other words.

Juicy field is a project I have followed for a while now you can invest in growing cannabis plants & now they have a new partner Grow that is producing NFTs for them real world pot plants meats NFTs as an investment I posted about this exact type of system a few months ago.
The new partner
medium article
No shit invest in growing pot plants

I'm on juicy fields mailing list so here is the email
"Grow is a medicinal marijuana startup that uses existing grower networks to create farming and rewards using proprietary blockchain technology. Built for the cannabis industry by medical professionals and crypto pioneers, Grow enables you to cultivate the land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse using GROW tokens.

We have partnered with Grow to expand our reach into the red hot industry of crypto and NFTs and allow our community to benefit from it.

What does it mean for you?

As a valued member of the community of JuicyFields, you will be given early access to the GROW House game, where you can begin farming, start earning NFTs and get familiarized with the game. Following our community early access, we will be holding an AMA with the GROW team soon so our users can ask any questions and give feedback directly to the source. We are very excited to become part of the GROW ecosystem and we are proud to give our incredible community the first look!

To celebrate our partnership and drive adoption, GROW is pleased to launch a giveaway campaign to reward JuicyFields users with $250K in GROW tokens!

I finally harvested buds on hashkings, so ill briefly touch on this subject but mainly ill be going over a few projects I haven't had time to cover lately. Dcity is a big one but other then that Exode has new game play features and I found another stoner collection whitelisted on WAX they even sent me some of their merch." The medium article link above has all the give away info 6 days left as of writing this.

Minereum Anyone heard of this or used it?


I also have a question regarding a crypto project known as Minereum has anyone heard of it or know anything about it Because my account is currently valued at $14,000 but its only genesis level 1 address meaning it can either be upgraded for ETH to be sold the old fashion way or the account can be sold off for 0.38 ETH definitely a cut on the price this way but would only cost around $20 in GAS. Anyone can help me solve this I would be grateful because I cant figure it out other then just short selling the account which I wont do if I'm sure I can cash out.

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this I'm seriously drawing a blank and not a whole lot throws me off when it comes to crypto now a days.
here's a link to get in the same problem I find myself stuck in

Binance ties it all together

Alien worlds just got their TLM saved by binance integration so since this is a sure fire way to save a crypto project Minereum and Torum have both been in the headlines for doing the same soon with both their ERC20 projects will both switch to BP20s binance also starts NFT minting services soon. However Torum was actually featured on the coinbase news feed so this is big news for their project that I like many dismissed. Soon users will be able to at long last cash out on Torum, and if MNE Minereum shoots up from its current listing of $0.60 a share I'm rich if I can cash out.
Torum details from new whitepaper
The recent rise of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will provide immense growth potential to the
ecosystem development of Torum. Migrating to BSC allows the Torum community to enjoy
cheaper transaction fees and faster confirmation speed when interacting with Dapp
innovations like Metamask.
XTM will be hosted on Binance Smart Chain as its main network, while Ethereum blockchain
will act as a surrogate network. A cross-chain swapping functionality will be built for the
community to use XTM (BEP-20) and eXTM (ERC-20) interchangeably.

What I'm smoking

Well its quarantine time so I ordered in from a dispensary sundae punch and some green crack not that pricy considering its delivered from 30 miles away.

So quarantine closet smoking again just like old times ah pandemic time soup memories.

if our going to lock yourself in a confined space with a plague victim you want to smoke something like this the calm down and do a write up, instead of sobbing in a ball in the corner kinda buzz

Found another weed nft producer on wax

bought one of their cheap NFTs and then sent one of my cannabis NFTs and unlike most projects that just dismiss this gesture they actually sent me several of their more expensive NFTs. https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/animeganja21

I try to do this and mention weedcash in the memo trying to ensure there are to many cannabis NFT producers to actually continue discriminate against marijuana NFT collections on wax . By both purchasing some of their NFTs and sending them a few I bring attention to my own project and help the sale records of theirs .
Kind of odd but weed is weed any ally is an ally, besides their NFTs are selling at $5 - $20 Not listed at those prices selling at those prices.

Found out what the WAX based WEED asset is for https://weedfarm.io/ not whitelisted yet but I'm always finding shit early so that may change they just released their promo NFTs.

Weedcash should take over a planet

I mean in alien worlds the binance planet got me thinking we could have our own planetary council https://council.alienworlds.io/planet/veles though not an official planet like binace which comes with special features on their own planet we could easily vote a planet council they dont ever vote for one another so 3 people could effectively accomplish this.

banno did a partail NFT partnership like this for their Monkeys NFT line giving out their NFTs to players staking to a certain planet. I'm not focused enough nor skilled enough with blockchain to be a guild leader or planet leader but ill certainly delegate my vote to a weedcash or hive representative.

Given the recent occurrences in alien worlds a project such as this could have limitless potential when combined with a hive front end and its loyal fanbase.

Like joey coco Diaz said 100s of followers are pointless give me three real M$ther F$ckers and we could take over the world there is truth in this. Many of the WAX projects have fans what weedcash and hive both have are supporters fans as well but truly supporting project ride or die is rare.

Fortunately a loyal following such as this is hives/weedcashs strong point we lack in mainstream adoption so lets use our community strength combined with popular projects like alien worlds WAX NFT collections and guilds to advance hive projects by furthering their influence off chain.

Discord is a start but partnering with a major project on WAX like alien worlds or Rplanet could be both lucrative and a viral form of advertising.

I have seen project after project do this on WAX and weedcash should join in on the NFT WAX adoption wave featuring binance for some reason that's awesome dont question it just go with it.

hell we figure out my Minereum claim and ill even donate money to a project like this not a few dollars either like thousands that's only if I can figure out the claim system though.

Free NFT airdrop

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.

once claimed please let others know in comments it helps

If your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here. My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Other WAX projects to check out

Dark country a WAX dapp game like splinterlands a bit of a pain to sett up but this referral will give us both a pack of their NFTs upon completion of account set up. This is a fun game but you will need to download Itch to play the game but after that and the set up which I had to ditch Brave Browser for it to work the first time. The game is fairly fun think gothic diablo style card game based in a western theme so crocodiles and grizzly bears meets witches and zombies all armed to the teeth with colt revolvers and shotgun chainsaws.


Collect social an NFT collection Dapp that awards users both NFTs and WAX
new NFT design weed dragon also almost forgot Hodl God is now giving out NFTs for those that win matchmaking and doing so much more frequently. its a third person midlevel style shooter or hack and slash style free for all multiplayer game on WAX

Its blockchain game in 3d with NFT skins and items its really quite the accomplishment and they are actively improving the NFT generation for players they even pay you to do live streams of playing the Game its a WAX DAPP check it out here

I even got it t work with a game controller from my console so its really like playing halo or call of duty for money and NFTs not quite fortnight level but it has promise.


Damn that sucks about being in the house for 18 days! What if you got tested though?

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cant confirmed case mandatory lockdown regardless and they wont even test me until the 18 day quarantine up worse part 2 days from my vaccination appointment.

Airdrop already claimed by someone.

I tried playing AlienWorlds but it said I need another 100 bytes of ram. How do I add ram? I have done it before on Atomichub by selling WAX but no idea on the AlienWorlds game if it's the same system. I'm running out of WAX though, since no one buys my cards for sale and I had to stake some to mint another NFT of my own. Any advice?

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yeah it is the same system both run on WAX ram if you want to leave you wax address i can send you a few WAX

Hey that's very kind of you but I don't expect you to give me free money lol. I'm k3pb.wam

You could buy one of my avatarsofnft cards that I minted, https://wax.atomichub.io/market?collection_name=avatarsofnft

Or maybe suggest how I could improve them with details in the attributes or how to make them sellable. I'm a total novice on AtomicHub.

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Just bought one of your NFTs good luck mining on alien worlds

Hey there Chubb thank you so much for purchasing one of my avatarsofnft cards. Curiously the timestamp of when you made the purchase was 4.21 my time lol. I will buy more ram to make progress on AlienWorlds now. Just checking out the guidelines now.

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always 420 some where

also once you have the RAM this guide is really helpful

Awesome, let me investigate further. Perhaps I can make something of this game after all.

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First off stay healthy and strong during this time.
Second I recently did a small investment in juicyfields too. I'm looking forward to my first yield. I also signed up for the grow airdrops. Nice to see this community "growing"