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This is something I feel is long over due, form me to focus solely on Hashkings for a write up. I smoke far to much pot to totally stay on task but ill try to keep it in the ball park. So what sparked this focus on Hash kings you may wonder IE why now. Simple Hash Kings just became affordable for every one to try, through the inclusion of their rental system.

Given I'm the stoner usually non stop posting about NFTs on weedcash its sorta my realm of expertise. Wow that is hard to type without laughing, but yeah your professional NFT stoner here to give you all the run down.

NFT Mart

NFT mart is as the name implies the market for many of the NFT collections here on Hive. There are exceptions to their NFT collections which they allow users to buy & sell most notably Splinterlands. NFT mart however does facilitate the buying and selling of Hashkings, Rising Star, CBM, Dcity, Fish Master, Dcrops, & the only game I have not yet played Game of life.

So why start the write up here when I am suppose to be doing a write up about Hash Kings. Easy it all starts with a farmer & some seeds both of which will be necessary to grow a plant in game.
So one farmer will run you around 1 swap-Hive, which seed you pick is dependent upon which land plot you will be using as South America is cheapest to buy or rent lets go with that.
Seeds correspond to a specific region, note how the borders of these two match.
Thus this seed goes with this plot it applies to all seeds and plots its fairly basic once you spot the difference.
With the south American plot you can grow Panama Red cost 0.11 HIVE a piece, or Colombian Gold for 0.15 HIVE a piece.

Each seed will have its own yield, grow time, and water requirements.
See the prices vary the estimate I gave is minimum current price 8/30/2021.
So the South American plot if you want to own instead of rent will cost you 6.9 HIVE.
So buying everything needed so far to grow one plant will cost you around 8.1 HIVE so far. If you rent its just 1.2 HIVE so far with 1 farmer and 1 seed, you will of course need water this is where it gets pricy when buying the NFTs. Cheapest water tower lvl1 will cost you 11 HIVE & generate water to slow to really be of use.

So might I be so bold as to suggest you just buy the HKWATER from Hive exchanges like Hive Engine.

For the panama red seed it takes 500 HKWATER crypto to grow a plant which costs 0.025 HIVE.

So thus far pinching pennies by buying only the bare minimum NFTs & not a plot or water tower. Just a Seed, Farmer, and HKWATER . To make it simple we will call it 1.3 HIVE thus far.

Hash Kings Rentals

For one month you need to spend 0.55 Hive to rent a South America plot. In one month you can grow 4 plants, each of which will run you about 0.3 HIVE & the rental and farmer which are one time expenditures for that month. This means for a little over 2 HIVE you can grow 4 plants, Now that's damn affordable.

To repeat this process with the land plots and seeds outlined
IE South America plot rental for 1 month and all 4 seeds required with all the water necessary will cost around 1 Hive after you get the farmer which is the biggest expenditure.

My goodness grow 4 plants for 1 HIVE, bare minimum amount of BUDS when done correctly will be over 1000 on an average month.
So if you just sell the BUDS you get around 1.16 HIVE for a month which isn't bad as once you get the farmer its only 1 HIVE a month.

Not bad however any pot head worth their salt knows there is more money in concentrates. So for my money I would focus on utilizing the MOTA lab.
In the game menu you will need to click the red circled icon dubbed the MOTA lab.

While like a vampire hunter your welcome to stake but for our purposes we are headed to the MOTA pool (the top option).
Select the number of fresh buds you want to burn and click burn.

Unlike when you usually burn bud when you burn your in game BUDS in the MOTA pool something positive happens to your investment.

Later depending upon the number of BUDS burned you will receive some MOTA . Its just a guess but I think this will result in the highest payment.

Real cannabis fun fact

Quick side note: though typically you wouldn't burn cannabis to make extracts there are a few forms of THC extracts obtained via burning the cannabis and capturing and purifying the smoke ( vapor ) which is then condensed.

I'm not going to give you all the steps but in the end you can get injectable THC. This has been decarboxylated and activated & experiments with this extract have yielded positive results with graft vs host.

Do not try this!!!! I didn't even give you enough to go on I got my info from a doctoral thesis which outlined research in this area.

If you try anything like this you will likely injure yourself or die dont try it.

Back to the game Hash Kings

You can also get your farmer high on your own supply, definitely against the 10 crack commandments. However this is the only way to level up your farmer by clicking the crafting section highlighted in black.

You can craft pinners burn them and it will level up your farmer, higher level farmers get classier joints.
I probably am missing out by not leveling up my farmer as it gives you access to NFTs others cant produce as easily. I'm certain there has to be other advantages but with only so many hours in a day if I'm smoking & rolling a joint I'm getting high IRL.

Hash Kings I have some notes Let me level with you for a moment I like all the new updates rentals are awesome you have a bridge set up. All great points to your project I'm not denying I'm a fan hell a super fan I'm even eyeballing those more expensive NFTs.

As a fan I want to see your project not only survive but thrive, & on boarding new Hive users is almost impossible. I'm not about to suggest ditching Hive the rest of the world not on Hive is truly in the wrong.

There is however something you can do regarding WAX nothing big just a little more variety in your WAX colection.
Right now you have the one promotional NFT, however your WAX colection is whitelisted.
The colection has all the appropriate info directing new users to your site.

All great things working for in your favor, I understand your team is busy so maybe your unaware the bar for cannabis themed NFTs on WAX has been lowering. I can point to colection after colection with weed in it which are whitelisted and some cases even verified.
See animated representation I believe is the loophole that WAX seems most comfortable with however.
WAX staff singed off on all these so its not as bad as it was months ago.


Given that the updates to your game Hash Kings happen quite frequently I believe its just a matter of not having the time. The devs at Hash Kings likely have your hands full already so I am going to do you a solid.

Ill draft up a few prototypes of good looking promo NFTs for your WAX colection. This would give it a little more diversity so I can airdrop your colection more often.

BTW I would be paying you to do this but I'm just looking at it as helping out Hive.

Please note I'm aware that these are your designs & I only intend to do these mock ups for the DEVs at Hash kings to look at I'm not doing anything with these outside of this.

I know it isn't great its a rushed example, but with your colection white listed on WAX you can actually utilize the burn blend use case on Nefty Blocks. Not to mention white list purchase restrictions and pack generation as well as drops.

So its up to you Devs at Hash Kings I can help you with WAX if you have questions. I am just a fan of cannabis and Hive that happens to be proficient with WAX.

Not that I expect anything to come from this what I'm saying is think it over. Your WAX NFTs are the greatest add you could have & we pay you for them.

Already new shit to write about

I stared writing this yesterday evening, My intention was to focus solely on Hash Kings. Since then WAX has had several major developments that need to be addressed.

This is good news it just gets to be a lot to keep people informed. Cait just got added to the ever growing list of WAX Dapps, this one is different from the others in a number of ways.
Defi focused with Staking CPU rental, and a faucet for WAX alt coins.

That last part about the WAX alts faucet is literally the first of its kind. It is rare to find a WAX faucet a WAX alt faucet hasn't happened until now.

Even better I mentioned the CPU rental feature and many people have faced issues with the lack of CPU on their WAX account. Now normally if I can ill attempt to send some WAX but now with the high price of WAX and CPU requiring 5WAX minimum it has become rather expensive.

However now I can use as little as 1 WAX to give another WAX user a 24 hour CPU rental & I generate STAKE another new WAX token for my trouble.

This is nice as I have done this in the past for a complete financial loss which I'm fine with but now they have made it easier to help.
Cait adds a great deal to he average WAX users experience Staking, a faucet, airdrops, CPU rental, & a easy to utilize WAX wallet name change.

Or if you want to get straight to the faucet
$NEFTY token
You will need to be there right on time but tomorrow $NEFT goes on sale the link to the drop is below be there or miss out on something big.
Make NFTs or dont make NFTs $NEFTY will be worth the purchase as you can utilize it to generate profits from the Nefty Blocks sales.


Yeah not sure what this is about but I'm assuming free money or NFTs so its something to keep an eye on.
Above is my referral to Womplay if your new to Upland you can utilize both together to profit 2 times playing one game.

Fish master

Fish master is a Hive blockchain game currently in the build phase, though in the build phase you can play it & buy their NFTs.
Above is the active link bitch and a half to find that, you probably haven't heard of this game its not much fun and there isn't much to do.

Despite all that I see the appeal when and if this project becomes a little more fine tuned.
So I spent far to much if I'm being honest to do an unboxing.
I got 3 NFTs one of which I'm selling shown above and the other 2 below.
I can play the game and thus far caught a boot & a tire ha ha.
Dont really know how to utilize my other bait, or how to play honestly. Figured its NFT and Hive I would let you all know you can try it here.

Here's something running through my stoned mind right now catching a fish is the closest we get to the Alien side of an alien abduction.

What I'm high on


Well for now I'm high on Kratom & cannabis, There is however yet another attempt to make Kratom illegal. Kratom no joke got me off prescription drugs and has hospitalized me 0 times. Motrin has nearly killed me twice, the original reason for making Kratom illegal was due to the laws in Thai land which caused many to believe it was dangerous.

Thai Land just decriminalized it and yet the WHO World Health Organization wants to ban it. Why not sure there are no indications Kratom can kill you & no ODs actually proven to be kratom.

I of course turned I my testimonial as did over 100,000 others stating how this plant heals helps and saves life's. No way to prove it but I swear Kratom has even increased my intellect.

Kratom is a Nootropic & some utilize it in a regimen to increase productivity.

Truly due to how rare this plant was there are still a great many mysteries on the Alkaloids that Kratom can produce. Each Alkaloid acts on different receptors in the brain, thus far they have identified 6 active alkaloids each of which causes a different effect.

The most commonly known is mitragynine which acts as an antagonist to receptors associated with opioids. This is not the only Alkaloid produced however its just the one everyone seems to focus on.

Though acting as an antagonist to certain opioid receptors Kratom does not induce dopamine or serotonin to release, It also doesn't affect respiration the two main dangers with opiates.

Sorry to bug you all with this its just sad to see ignorance cause another natural medicine to be prohibited.

On a lighter note I am smoking another great strain from my friends grow Chocolate Mint OG. An almost coffee like taste stronger then BTC on a bull run its some dank shit.

Last bit of bad news my Hill Billy friends whos grow I featured a while ago. Yeah he went to jail for something not drug related ( hill Billy shit) & I probably wont get photos of the grow unfortunately.

His bond is $35,000 this is actually something of a record with my friends any way. Meaning his charges amount to like $350,000 however the local law enforcement is crooked as fuck so its likely they are doing something shady.

Yeah the cops and court house are doing the shady shit in this scenario, more then likely the charges get dismissed or reduced at the trial.

The local law enforcement does this shit to keep people under their thumb, on top of robbing us and everything else they get away with.

Look up Michigans civil forfeiture stats we bought a military grade APC to raid ourselves for doing nothing illegal.

We dont have clean drinking water surrounded by fresh water & they get a APC the military found quote a bit excessive.

So I'm chain smoking pot and drinking kratom tea to deal with oppressive nonsense.

My apologies I usually dont do this sorta thing, so here's an extra weed NFT airdrop for your trouble.

Single claim NFT airdrop URL

This is a airdrop of 6 NFTs on a first come first serve basis and can only be claimed by a single lucky reader. If you the lucky one that receives the airdrop and there is less then 6 NFTs check you WAX wallet white list settings.

Just for fun lets mix it up a little todays airdrop I'm going to throw in a pack of KOGs.
Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

When my posts do well airdrops get bigger so please re blog, like, comment, and subscribe to get more large airdrops just like this one.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Prospectors topping the NFT sale value for 3 days now also a free to play game check it out at the link below. BTW they have roulette so the Martingale system works here however no site reward and its not a large project so doing this could be detrimental. this game is free it makes real crypto give it a shot its not bad honestly you can make quite a bit on it.

more free WAX games, rewarding free NFTs/Crypto
Rising star is a totally free HIVE game no input for steady output my kind of investment.
Oh I guess now Torum to

Thunder Token is free to mine off a phone app & recently it was bridged with BSC as well as being Bridged with ETH already so its currently shooting up in value. You can still produce it for free here's my referral link.

HIVE games


Again i am late for the NFT airdrops... looks like it's impossible to win!
Anyway thanks a lot for letting us know about the CAIT faucets... CAIT, Gnokens and PUFT can be claimed every hour while Aether and Koala once a day. Really excited and very surprised to see a faucet like this!
I have checked Alcor Exchange and the balances show right away after the claim...Pure Dope!!!

yeah that's why its awesome any faucet going direct to your wallet is so much better, hive has a faucet like that to

WOW... Great thanks a lot for letting me know!
Really did not know about it... I did manage to make a claim and as well to request a delegation of 16 HP for seven days (this will really help me with the resource credits)...
Looks like at the end of the day, this is a lucky day for me!
Because you help me so much with so many info, this week-end after i will sort out few things i will send you as well some Hive SBI Units.

Cool I just like to help new users many people abandon Hive before they even know all the cool stuff it has to offer. I appreciate it though and you will also get Hive SBI win win.

Can you please make real world growing this affordable... It would be greatly appreciated. Now I have to buy more nfts thank you....I think

You can get away with spending like $2 USD with rentals I pointed tat out but your welcome I think

Nah I'll try to buy em,this weekend, just recently started to discover nfts on hive, didn't even know about half the projects on here as I've been away for a bit.

This post has introduced me to yet another cool ass project on here.

Have a few new projects to check out thanks to posts like this.

Keep Rollin em out 😁

great post as usual. I started hashkings a few weeks ago. I bought 1 plot in south america. I'm about to do my 2nd harvest.

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I'm new to hive so I had to create an account to say thank you for the info + nft.
I've read some of your previous post too and they're worth reading. I'll try visiting sometimes.

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cool glad to have you on board