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Every Friday I share my favorite authors from Weedcash off chain as I'm the mod over on the Torum Weedcash clan. Between Torum and my subreddit devoted to crypto I share the selected posts with a few thousand followers. The following link is the Torum post this weeks theme is Hive earning potential explaining the gist of hive and showing our top earning posts for the preceding week.

My picks

Free Weed NFT Airdrop

The Following link is a WAX NFT airdrop that is claimable once by the first person to click it after that it will no longer be active.
Please leave a message for other users in the comments once the link is claimed

Torum clan

My Torum profile

My stock images of cannabis from last week

there are now 85 stock images of cannabis i have uploaded for hive users like this post every Friday I Do posts intended to give back to the Hive cannabis community.


The link has been claimed already and quite a while ago. The person did not comment so I am leaving one so people know.

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thanks appreciate it

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Hey I'm also on Torum, let me look you up there. My name there is bitcoinbabaji.