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RE: Cured Nugs

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Nice frosty pictures! It always seems like the tastier the flowers the faster I burn through them. It’s like some kind of junk food cravings. I’m already sooo stoned yet I keep packing bowls. 😂 That’s why we’ve got to get the yields up then we never run out of the good stuff.


Thank you my friend!

Nicely put! lol 🤣, yeah I'm the same with good tasting weed, or pretty much just any weed.. A few big fat joints throughout the day is my usual way ;)
but it gets expensive..
I think with a greenhouse the size of yours, I could sustain my smoking habit. I would probably smoke less even, because no doubt a garden the size of yours requires round the clock tending.

For now I'll just focus on getting more tents and lights when I can 😅

I saw you have some new posts, gonna try to make over soon. Catching up on comments, posts, writing posts, drinking coffee.. This stuff takes a lot of time. 🤓

Yes it does 🤙