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lemon drip




I didn’t get one single stable female from the 10 pack of Lemon Drip seeds I bought, so I used the best male and pollinated the best female. I’m hoping to get a stable female (one that doesn’t throw any male flowers) of this variety. I loved the terp profile and it seemed very potent too.
It was my favorite, but alas no keeper in the first batch. So we try again. We popped 3, this one was strongest. Cross your fingers for me that it’s a good female. If it is I’ll grow it in a 5 gallon and enter it in the challenge by @canna-curate!


(gelato41/dosi do’s)AKA Dolato X (lemon tree/grease monkey)AKA Lemon Drip
Had great germination from these. We used a little peroxide this time and it really seemed to boost the germ rate. We have eight contenders.

cherry punch x lemon drip
New pheno at 2 weeks.
lemon drip
lemon drip

Thanks for stopping by 🤙
Watch for a greenhouse update soon.
Remember to #growyourown if you can, if not, #knowyourfarmer and always #choosefreedom



Great looking pops! I've never heard of this peroxide method, fascinating.

There's no shortage to the depths of your talent, can't wait to see what you make happen with these!

Keep on with this amazingness, you're one of the best there is :)

Too kind my friend. 🙏

Sweet! Welcome to the challenge:)

I am going to try to start using dr enzymes when I germ my seeds. Smart of you using peroxide, you never really know can you?

Right, how can you.

Thank you.


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Thank you 😊

You're very welcome!!






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Awesome. Looking forward to seeing these grow up.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to sharing.

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That cherry punch x lemon drip looks amazing at 2 weeks. I ran into the whole herm situation...I have to say I was happy I did as it gave me 3 strong phenotypes. 1 of 3 never hermed. The other two are very potent. I am new to growing would love to know more about your grow. I use foxfarm soil and the whole line of nutrients. Keep posting and thanks.

Awesome! That makes me feel confident I’ll be able to get a stable female. Foxfarm is awesome and I used it very successfully for many years. ✌️

solo cup classics

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How many plants have you? i think that you will have a lot of buds :D

I’m allowed 20. ✌️

hahahahaha I don't why I'm laughing right now... Oh wait, yes I do ;)