Greenhouse Update~Six Weeks


As you can imagine, we’re happy with the new garden site. At 6 weeks into flowering everything’s looking great!


Our two phenotypes of Cherry Punch are grown from seeds by Symbiotic. In the pictures you can see the # 1 has all white hairs still. It has bigger rounded tops. The # 2 has started getting red hairs, it’s smaller and fruitier smelling.


So much hard work has gone into this project. Now at this stage, with no diseases or problems, we are coasting to the finish with a smile.


cherry punch # 2
cherry punch # 1

Remember to #growyourown if you can, if not, #knowyourfarmer, and always #choosefreedom



Your garden is always a pleasure to see. Thanks for sharing and giving us something to work towards with our gardens.

My pleasure and thanks for your support. 🤙

A whole new world (Lion King Song). That right there is it. Very nice, Im speechless. I've seen some stuff. But that right there is...oh man. You do the dam thing. Bravo!

Those things are like 12 feet tall..

You two certainly have A LOT be smiling about!

Amazing job with these Cherry Punch's, such a healthy greenhouse. It's my favorite cannabis greenhouse in the entire world!

Damn. Making me look like a rookie. Those are bomb

Thanks so much for the compliment Dave. I appreciate your opinion very much. This is what over 22 years of serious dedication to a craft looks like. Crop after crop after crop, I’ve seen and overcome most problems a grower can face from bugs, to deficiencies to rippers to crooked partners and even the choppers and coppers. There’s nothing like real life experience to build knowledge. Take care friend. ✌️

That's a long ass time. You deserve to be growing monsters.

Hands down best plants I have seen in a while!

Thanks canna🙏 You should check out my friend @jonyoudyer if you want to see some great gardening. His plants are almost as beautiful as his buds ;)

HA! Hell get there one day ;)

There is so much buds hahhaha, nice garden :D