Greenhouse Update- Four Weeks of Flower

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One Month Down

So far so good. Hey cannabis community, hope everyone is finding time to relax. It’s so important to take care of yourself and boost your immune system with quality nutrients and relaxed vibes. We aren’t so different from the plants in that way.


I’m starting to see frosting forming on the flowers and they’re really getting smelly too!

I can smell the greenhouse from 50 yards. The smells on this Cherry Punch (Cherry AK47 by Purple Punch) are creamy and fruity with a little earthy smell in there.

The weather has been wonderful, dry and sunny. #Sungrown cannabis 🌞


Reaching For The Sky

Completely finished growing taller, these plants are now just packing on the pounds.


Leaning Out, Getting Heavy

The once open aisles are now unnavigable without ducking. It’s completely wall to wall canopy in here!



Thanks again for stopping by my blog. I’m so full of gratitude for all of the kindness and support!

Remember, #growyourown if you can,
If not, #knowyourfarmer and always, #choosefreedom

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Uh.... I want one plant just now 😋😋👌👌👌👌 and very good post.

Thank you. I’m having fun with the canva app😊

Not let fun to end and make more soon 😅👌👌 this green fresh things are good plants.

Dam they are looking fantastic this a 9 week?

Thanks so much man 🤙 we have two phenos of this Cherry Punch. Number one has bigger buds and finishes around 9. Number two is fruitier and smaller buds. It is done done done at 8. Shit, it pulls its hairs in and starts looking done at 6 1/2 weeks.

Dam so not the most stable genetics

Not homogenous across all seeds, no, but that’s no surprise. I’ve found most of the seeds sold currently are so recently crossbred that phenos differ significantly, with seeds expressing tendencies of one parent or the other. Thus all the pheno hunting everyone’s doing these days. Only older crosses and land races tend to have the many generations of breeding necessary to be “genetically stable”, as you say, in my experience.

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Was just going to ask you about humidity. But that’s great it has been dry! How is the humidity there compared to a place like Florida?

Down at sea level it’s really humid, but up here at 3000ft not so much. With the screen sides, and trade winds our meter says we’re averaging 30-45%. Really good for this stage of flower. 🤙

I'm like dammmmmn! Ain't that more healthy looking than vegetables?

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At least as healthy 😊 I mean, vegetables are pretty darn healthy. Lol

Yeah, It's cool as ice.

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It's looking beautiful in there :)
I bet that Cherry Punch packs a punch , and it's looking soooo good! 🙂✌️

Thanks for all your support! I’m working on the next update now 😊 here’s a sneak peek~


Hey! We have similar looking plants, I think yours a little plumper though! :D

It's a pleasure my friend, looking forward to the next greenhouse update!