A Few Different Phenos In The Works

Hey there my friends in the cannabis community. For those of you who like variety, this one is for you. I’m sure everyone is tired of the giant cherry punch plants, I know I am lol. To quote some famous old dude, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. It’s a dirty little word that starts with T-and ends with -mming, if it ever ends. Ugg. Those who know, know.

Anyway, enough about that, back to beautiful variety. I just took these shots today.



This Puro Loco was free from Archive. It was a 5 pack of feminized seeds. I had never heard of it, but when I looked at the genetics I knew I wanted to keep it around.




As you can see from the screen shots I need to charge my phone:) Also look at these genetics!

So I currently have a couple going that I have pollinated with all three types of males that I got in the other seeds. Stay tuned for Cherry Punch/Puro, Lemon Drip/Puro, and Dolato/Puro phenos out early next year!





My Dolato pheno looks beautiful and like it still has some time to go. I’m looking forward to trying a few of these in the next run of the big greenhouse. I love the flavor on this one. I have a few going here at home for my personal stash. These were the most expensive seeds I’ve ever bought. An Archive cross between Getato 41 and Dosi do’s.




This new cross of Lemon Drip and Cherry Punch is looking really frosty at six and a half weeks, and isn’t smelling fruity at all. It’s got the really heavy grease terpene profile like one of the lemon drip phenos. I guess that’s the Grease Monkey flavor coming out. Of course it’s the one I don’t really like, but it is intensely strong. I know many people love that flavor. We’ll see how it finishes. Terp profiles change during ripening and curing. It looks icy though.



Finishing it off with a couple shots of the Cherry Punch # 1 at 6 1/2 weeks up here in the cold. It gets purple sooner


As always, thanks for stopping by my little corner of hive.
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The Lemon Drip and Cherry Punch looks amazing.
From some researching:
Cherry Punch is a potent sativa-hybrid marijuana strain crossed between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch F2

I couldn't find the lemon drip but found "lemon drop", could this be the same strain? It says Lemon Drop is a hybrid strain with a 40% indica / 60% sativa split, combining a mild body buzz with a deep mind high.

This seems like the perfect strain for me, heavy head hitter from the Sativa dom, with Indica properties that will aid in regular consistent sleep. (which is a problem for me.)

Is this information accurate that I'm reading about these strains? Would love to know your expert analysis based on my need for a Sativa dominant hybrid strain.

I have to get some of those seeds somehow my friend. If ever you are making a little side hustle out of that, let me know please :)



My lemon Drip is a cross between these two strains. I got the seeds from Exotic Genetics.

We may be able to figure out how to get you some beans:) it’s all legal via the farm bill legalizing hemp. ✌️ I’m on the canna discord if you want to share your mailing address.

Thank you for the links.
Unfortunately I'm banned from the server because of a problem that occurred in the past that was probably my fault. I tried to find you so I could dm but no luck. Can you send me a friend request? futuremind#5073

wow!! those genetics are so powerfuls :D

I really do feel like I have some genetics worth hanging on to. Thanks for the support!

Yeah trimming sucks lol, unless it’s a cola, 😂😂. Isn’t seed finder such a cool site!

Even if it is, after a while your neck hurts. Seed finder is great!

I recently got a trim bin, it helps, but yeah i hear you. I could imagine what trimming all day can do. But i do get more confidence in my grow when trim a nice bud and reveal its beauty.

I have a couple of those and they are very nice. And I agree that trimming is the time to really check out your work. The best of times, the worst of times, like I said in my post for sure.

Suggestion: Could you post twice a week? Thank you.

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