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About a week ago I have asked how to get some weed in Edinburgh, Scotland. What I have got until now is

@phusionphil suggested these sites

But it seems they are not working for me!

Sorry phusionphill if am putting you in the spotlight. I don't want to steal your idea as mine that is why I named you. If that bothers you I can remove in an edit please let me know.

Grow it my self

Few others suggested that grow the stuff myself. I have these challenges:

  • I live in an apartment and I have regular visits to my house. How do I hide them? I am not sure I can stuff them in a cupboard
  • Where can I find the absolute beginner information for grow? yes, I have googled them. But it is all too much information, I would like to get simple 1..2..3 information. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I would like to grow when I have the opportunity. So I want to get educated on how to grow and harvest.

Anyone here in Edinburgh Scotland wants to share?

Just a final request :) We can find some terms :)


When I've traveled in a few different countries in Europe, I've always been able to go to a park or some public area and find someone to help me out. Intuition and years of experience have taught me how to ask the right person and not get screwed over. The first lesson you learn in those endeavors is to never give the money until you have the weed. Your best bet is to talk to people that you know are cool until you find a good source.

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Here is a concise guide for all of the basic info need to grow. This was my first post on steemit.

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Thanks, Richardcril.! That was very comprehensive information. I have bookmarked it :)

Get on Instagram. Those above sites are only for legal areas.

And yes you actually can convert a cabinet into a grow. It will take some handy work plus innovation.

But you can also get a small tent and use a filter so your whole apartment does not smell.

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Thank you for your reply. Maybe I am a bit old and need specific steps. How do I find people on Instagram?

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