How to buy Weed in an area

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In general, how do you guys get your weed?

I used to get them from people I meet at parties. As I am a bit socially awkward guy who doesn't stick with friends currently I don't have any source.

Lockdown also not helping me.

Another source was a regular bartender in my town. Because of the lockdown, no alcohol places are open. So any thoughts?


If you're getting bud, try and get a seed or two (or 10). :D

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Go to a pipe store perhaps. Ask a taxi driver. Maybe find someone cool on Instagram. Where about do you live?

Maybe you can find someone in our discord, highly unlikely but you never know. But while your searching, make the leap and start growing your own.


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That was a general question. Now it comes to my specific need. I live in Edinburgh UK. Who here have a supply.

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Thanks for the site suggestions.
But none of them works for Edinburgh UK. Maybe i am not doing it right :)