Marijuana-Infused Tahini Recipe (Cannabis Edible Recipe)

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"Tahini is a delicious middle eastern paste made from ground toasted sesame seeds that can be used as a dish, garnish, breakfast and dessert item."

Hummus with tahini. Photo by danad94d

If you think you've never had tahini but you've had hummus, you've had tahini. I say those words or similar words often. Maybe not all hummus is made with tahini but I have never heard or seen or eaten any that wasn't made with it.

I haven't had to many dishes other than hummus that used tahini but I know there are plenty out there and its suppose to go well on a lot of foods.

Ingredients List :

  • 5 cups toasted sesame seeds
  • 1 1/2 cup cannabis infused olive oil

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Photo by danad94d


Nice! My wife @MediKatie is a rabid hummus lover/expert. She buys a lot, and also makes a lot herself. I don't think she has infused it yet : P

It's also one of my favorites. It can be difficult to find Tahini sauce around my area so learning how to make it seemed essential. I am still working on it.

Good call. I think even some hummus experts still buy tahini pre-made. You're really going "from scratch" if you make your own : )

Hola. Esto se ve realmente delicioso y debe relajarte mucho. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. This looks really delicious and should really relax you. A hug from Colombia.

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