Weed Nerd Swag!

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What's up fellow Weed Nerds! Speaking of weed nerd, I just got some Weedcash swag from our dear friend from across the pond, @loonatic. He has aspirations to start an online business, and he is starting with something he truly believes in, which is this platform. Sure were small, but with constant growth. But with a second online store selling Weedcash swag, I am sure it will be picking up faster as more people sees the WC brand. To see Loonatics online store, pay it a visit here.

Summon the weed!

Inspect your bud!

Grind it!

Spark it!

Then chill.....

Then post to Weedcash, and save those pennies!

Like what you see?

Either go to the Loonatics Weedcash store, or visit here for American/Canadian orders, or write a detailed post on how you will promote the Weedcash brand to the outside world with one of these products, then I will ship to you. Of course you will have to pay only shipping costs. Keep in mind the better post you write, the more likely you will get a decent vote to help cover the shipping costs. Only catch is I want to see a post of you and your swag once you get it, ;)




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great job. And thanks
more to come 😋✌

At my store enter WEEDCASH code and get 20% discount

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Haha, piggy banks are a lost art! Whatever happened to those things? I guess kids don't get to handle coins very often anymore. And we can always use more lighters haha.

Check out this piggy bank!


Bahaha, I think my childhood best friend had that one in the early 80s!

Bad ass isn’t it!!


Heheh, nice!
I had an actual piggy, and it had no way to get the coins out once it was full, other than to smash it! Which I did. And glued back together, and eventually passed down to my son! :D


!giphy awesome :)

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Biggidy giggidity!

does grinder say weedcash on other side? dope stuff

Just has the weed logo on front. Works great for on the go, ;)

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just the weedcash wheel

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Is that first thing a laser pointer? Flashlight?

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I just got the package of products for the weedcash store in the US. Going to take some product shots and then I’ll get it on the store hopefully in the next week or so. Trying to finish up the HiveHustlers launch stuff and then getting my node ready for Hive Engine witness launch tomorrow

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Right on dude!

awesome I checked out the store @loonatic made a while ago I was going to throw money into some merch when I had the cash but you beet me to it.


Cool deal man!