Virtual Canna Fest 2020(Weedcash Edition)

What's up fellow cannabis lovers! We got some exciting news. Due to the bullshit Covid-19 lock downs, we have canceled the Canna-Curate meetup that was going to take place in Portland, Or, and have decided to do a Virtual Canna Fest, in the Canna-Curate Discord. This is a cross platform meetup. Instagram,, Reddit, Voice, everyone!

Saturday, August 29th starting at 4:20 Est

  • Live DJ's
  • Live Stream Smoke Session, all day!
  • Cannabis Cup
  • Joint rolling competition
  • And more!

Cannabis Cup

Ok so here is how this will work. Starting today all the way to the 29th, post your bud pics. Make sure to use the tag #cannacup. Preferably post directly from the Weedcash front end.

A freshly trimmed cola from one of our members, @highroadseeds


  • Growers cup(You have to grow your own to compete)
  • Buyers Choice(To give everyone a chance to participate, this is open for those who do not grow)
  • Best Concentrate
  • Best edible

*Since this is being judged by viewing alone, creativity on your post is a must

Joint Rolling Competition

  • Make a post of you rolling a joint
  • Can be a blunt, cannagar, pinner, whatever
  • Use tag #cannacup

A Cannagar that we enjoyed at last years Canna Fest meetup

Just have fun

The meetup will start at 4:20 EST. Basically we will be hanging out in Discord, live streaming to Youtube, Vimm, and wherever else we can get to. Everyone is welcome to join, and to add suggestions on what we can do to spice things up. Various prizes in the form of crypto, and merchandise from the @thelogicaldude's store. Hope to see you there!


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In-person would be better, but at least we have the technology to do stuff like this. It's a cool idea!

Damn Im gonna be at work. Ill try to stop by before or after though.

Sweet! Yeah we will start 120 our time, maybe 220 yours.

Just manually voted with VIPservice, must have overlapped with the 24 window on voting the last post.

Damn that's a awesome looking bud

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Nice! I will certainly have a great entry for buyer's choice, but you should do another one for outdoor growers in late October/Early November also so I can throw the flowers I grow into the hat.

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Yes great idea! I guess the big thing is really us hanging out. Hopefully it happens. It’s been pretty sad all around the cannabis community on the block chain.