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Thats ruff about your little one, what kind of bug do you think it was?

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Had to be either a wasp that had been hanging around, or he caught a spider bite playing in the yard.
That's the move a 2yr old can be counted on for, leave a toy in The yard and go back after it's got webs on it.
Thanks for stopping in an the share.

Crazy stuff. When i was about 10 yo i got bit buy my pet tarantula, and my hand swelled up like a softball. This post brought that memory up. Plants look good!

Those had a migration path through this area at one time haven't seen in a few years. Glad it wasn't one of those.
I managed to keep the majority away from the goats an it's working out, starting their first week of flower from the looks.
Hopefully we can keep all the plates spinning. 😉