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RE: Rainbow Chip, Dirty Little Secret, Big Mack, & Helena X PBB

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Yeah im thinking i do need to get a bag of WC. My bottled nutes have it, but IM sure it would not hurt to get more. I was thinking fish fertilizer is something i should also have.


You know phosphorus is taken up much more effectively via amending the soil. Liquid applications of phos will discourage mycellium growth. Also maybe watering less frequently or less deep could help a lot. Im not there to stick my finger in your soil to tell.

Interesting. What will I be looking for when i put my finger in the soil?


It depends on how you built the soil in your pots. If they are built for drainage chances are they could need more water. If they are not necessarily built to drain well then maybe less water. Smelling the soil, consistency, picking up plant is all factors too

Yeah i have one fabric pot, then i drilled holes into a 5 gallon bucket, the rest are reg pots. I do notice the bucket, and fabric pot do dry out way faster.

With fabric pots you can typical prolong the intervals of water by using a spray bottle to keep outside moist