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RE: Knot Your Typical Garden. Should it be?

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That’s a sea of solos! And what should be a typical garden? I think perhaps a sunflower does make it typical. What does show with this garden, is you have fun, lots of it, and it really is a treat to have here on the block chain!


Thanks for stopping in. I guess typical bid a all a matter of perspective your right. I did switch to the Solo for staring everything now. Just more cost effective.
That area depand 5 hours in the morning at least. But fun is a great qualifier.

Here is a grow challenge I’m doing with a Solo. I wonder how a SOG of solos would do.


That's looks pretty good there. I'm sure it's going to be real potent. I've noticed that most things that go through adversity sometimes produce more. Sometimes it's just not in the areas we would prefer. I'm looking forward to the 5 gallon entry I just have not transplanted yet, things get shuffled so fast around this garden.

Thank you for the share as well.