Our New Leader In The Grow Off!

Drumroll please.......


Well fellow Weed Nerds, we have a new leader in the #5gallonchallenge! Not only has @zerga took top spot, he has set a new bar with a final weight of 84 grams. Well done bro!

5 gallon Challenge final update 6/12/21

That's one hell of a plant. Which btw is an Auto. To anybody who says Autos don't yield, I would hope this plant puts those beliefs to rest. 420 Weed has been sent, and not to mention the votes he got along the way. All tough thats all him, and could be any of you with posts that are detailed, with multiple pictures. Looking forward to more entry's!

Rules for the #5gallonchallenge

  • Just grow a plant in a 5 gallon container
  • Post your updates to Weedcash with the tags canna-curate, and #5gallongrowchallenge
  • Winner is judged by the final weight of their finished product
  • Contest is ongoing, and can be entered multiple times
  • 1 entry per grow
  • Have fun!

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I've smoked some thick and frosty autos I'd like to do a pepsi challenge on anyone who says they aren't fire Lol.

I was lucky to harvest 500 grams with my beast at the beginning of the year, even that plant has many buds and I hope to obtain at least 50 grams with my plants in winter.

Autos can do some crazy things when treated right! Great job!

For sure! I’ve seen someone pull a half pound off of one.

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I grew some autos back in the day and it wasn’t anything to get at least 3/4 to a full pound with the right LST methods

verry nice grow

Good going guys

Nice, Soon I will be gone 🤣🤣🤣 Hopefully I can get back on after the summer.

There goes the neighborhood lol

thats just beautifull lol

Isn’t it!

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Thank you. Very kind of y’all.
Love growing it even more smoking it :)

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stop auto downvote plz or I downvote all the positions in multi-account, and all those of your friends

Stop spamming weedcash with your Renfort account and you got yourself a deal. And these are not auto, all manual.

For those going for the weight category, a great way to do it is grow several plants in several pots, then when you're done, select the best (biggest) to use as your entry :)
Theoretically you could do a greenhouse or warehouse full of them, all with slightly different conditions and fertilizers etc.... whichever turns out heaviest is your entry into the challenge.

Only one entry per cycle. :)