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Folks we have a now have a new leader for the #5gallongrowchallenge! @jonyoudyer took the top spot from @skylinebuds with his 36 gram harvest. Congrats! Since Jon is me, the 420 Weed will stay in my wallet until we have a new leader. By the looks of it, there will be very soon. Be on the look out, and don't forget to root everyone on along the way.

How to enter:

  • Just grow a plant in a 5 gallon container
  • Post your updates to Weedcash with the tags canna-curate, and #5gallongrowchallenge
  • Winner is judged by the final weight of their finished product
  • Contest is ongoing, and can be entered multiple times
  • 1 entry per grow
  • Have fun!

That last one is the most important. We are not hear to shun anyone. In fact this is something to encourage people to grow their own. We also hope this is something that can catch on outside of the Block Chain, and get some other growers to tap in. Would love to see everyone enter! I want to see that scoreboard filled up, and yes it will expand once we have more then 5. So what do you say?




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@jonyoudyer @skylinebuds keep up the great work! both of you are great growers!

Since Jon is me, the 420 Weed will stay in my wallet until we have a new leader.

Great sentiment.

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Thanks for the kind words bro!

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!ENGAGE 4.20

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Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it

I will upvote 100% of each post that regards to the #5gallonchallenge.
Who else is with me?
@jonyoudyer we need !WINE bot running again

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@canna-curate! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tonytrillions.

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The biggest pot I have free at the moment is 2.6 gallon (5 L). I think, I'll be able to hide a couple of 2.6 pots from masons. If pots are bigger, it's a problem to move them. It is not so easy.
If the contest rules accepts this kind of pots, I'll star tomorrow.

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Yeah I don’t see why not honestly. Perhaps you could just add another 2.5 gallons when the masons are finished?

When masons have gone I'll plant no one but many more :) The problem is 'when'. I think they will go in a month more or less.

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She's coming in for the clip. An we have a pretty tough update coming in this week. Hope everyone enjoys following along as I do. Thanks for the chance.
Keep up the great work.

Hopefully its not as tough as this crypto dip, lol

Tell me about it.
I'm sure she's gonna feel it that way. Every valley has it's peak.

Nicely written and you are absolutely right when our growers will be enough to finally legalize it with us
Thanks for the encouraging words

No problem, I really mean all of it!

Once my buds are dry I will weigh them for this contest.

Right on bro!

Nice job, I didn't think I would stay on top 🤣 my 10gs

Thanks bro! And thanks for your constant engagement! I should give you 100’s all the time! I probably will just start doing that for the 3-4 people who actually interact here! Lol

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You made it to the list good job.

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Awesome contents


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