HIGHlight's Of The Weedcash Community Of The Hive Blockchain



What's good Weed Nerds? Been a bit slow this past week compared to the past couple of months, but hey we have seen worse. Not to much going on with Weedcash as far as updates. But the code is running, so I guess that's what matters. Hive is holding a great price IMO, and is what really matters. Thanks to the witnesses, and the DEVS, we have a bad ass Block Chain, and Tribes being the toppings on an already decked out cake. But I still think great things are to come. With such a great community, how will they not? Just keep on posting, and we will be here to show you love. Enjoy the past week's Highlights....


Can't get enough of these buds


Going to start off this Weeks Highlights with some dank ass purple flowers! Does it get any more purp then this ladies, and gents?




The cancer of for plants, Bud Rot, AKA Botrytis. If you grow outdoors, chances are good you have encountered it. Once you get it, that part of the plant is gone. Just accept the loss, and hope it has not progressed to the whole plant.


Skunk Auto - 1 Week left


Skylines Auto is starting to plump up!


HashKings Guide - How to get Special Seeds


Choof puts together a great how to guide for @hashkings!


Herm Pollen Sack Up-Close


Screenshot (71).png

A very cool @3speak video of how a Herm can look, and where they appear. If you grow, this will happen to you. I don't care how great of genetics you have. Herms is part of the way a cannabis plant will ensure that it survives. It is actually very impressive when you really think about it!


My home grown weed is mature and ready to be use 🚬


Always interesting to see Landrace cannabis. It sure has come a long way, thanks to Hybridization. But I am sure you can also argue against that. I for one am in favor of it.


Went shopping for some flavours!




Seedlings Update


Just getting warmed up....


420 WEED up for grabs.


Screenshot (72).png

Well was up for grabs, that 420 Weed is now in my pocket!


Chemdawg THCa Diamonds Review


They say Diamonds is a girls best friend. But in the world of cannabis, it is all of ours!


[ESP-ENG] ✂️ Super Cropping y Apical a Mango Punch 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ Super Cropping and Apical to Mango Punch


Supper Cropping is a technique all growers should learn!


Interesting Mushrooms In My Back Yard


FutureMind off on an adventure!


weed and a magic book 🙄😆


"No victor relies on chance"....


A Few Different Phenos In The Works


CF not only grows great herb, she also has some of very own strains in the works!


Harvest Day!! - Cutting and Hanging my Frosty Pie-Stomper Cannabis


Can you spot the plant?


Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F2 - End of Week One


Screenshot (73).png

Armen is a Big Mack of the Block Chain!


Skybuds Organic Grow Room #51 - Clones Took


Skylines grow is really coming together. I still say he should grow 1 giant plant though, ;)


My plants are blooming again and I am increasing the size of the buds


After some ups, and downs Jakiro is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Harvest, the next harvest and the new power generation / Cosecha, la próxima cosecha y el poder de la nueva generación.


Almost looks like a two headed dragon!


A Cannabis Farmers Market


Would be cool if the small time growers can do this. Well at least in the open. I am so sick of people telling us what we can, and can not do.


WeedChat- What's Your Favorite Way To Consume Cannabis?


The Dude starting a conversation with the community.


Does Urine Fertilizer Work On Cannabis


Now let me say I would kick someone ass if they did this to me. But there are people who actually use their pee to fertilizer.


BIF Super Cropper Guide


A great guide on how to Super Crop! Believe me, if you grow, you have to learn this.


Canada Cannabis Review : Master Kush Ultra by Smoker's Farm


Some fire flowers from the legal market in Canada.


Weed budder Recipe / cannabis NFTs & blockchain Games


A recipe, and NFT news!


These buds are almost ready


Ok going to end this just how I started it. With the progression of Wes's grow. Just some beautiful Autos!


Well that's a wrap. Thank you to everyone, and if you are not here, just keep on posting. Please if your posting anything cannabis related, always include the tag cannabis. This is our tag, always has been. I might find your post eventually if you don't use it, but if you do, I will find it right away. Another tag you can use is canna-curate. Another thing you can do to help the Cannabis Community is subscribe to the Weedcash channel on Hive. To help the whole Hive community make sure to go vote for Witnesses. You have 30 votes, use them wisely. Or you can just set us as your proxy. Just go here scroll to the very bottom and type in our name @canna-curate manually. Well everyone have a safe weekend, and don't forget to snap those pics of that outdoor you, or someone you know has. Happy harvest!






Very cool post. Maybe I should post a cool picture. Cheers. Keep growing everyone

Show us your secrets;)

Thanks for the shout out , look now 2 weed NFT collections have gorilla glue number 4 First Hashkings now CryptoBuds

So I airdropped 1 in the link below thanks again for the shout out

Thanks dude! Oh yeah man, so I have been unable to log into my Wax wallet for a while

Screenshot (75).png

I get this, and when I hit agree it does nothing.

Sorry I had to ask the discord took a while did you try logging strictly into the regular WAX wallet or just try going through my link for atomichub. https://wallet.wax.io/ because the URL there should let you log in & from there you can authorize the Atomic Hub Dapp again. Let me know if your still having issues. This is a new one for me but the WAX discord tech support seem to thin this is the issue.

That link above & see if you can at least log in from there account security, if it doesn't fix it ill bug tech support again or you can as you may better understand the issue.

Ill try & help the best I can I would say try switching browsers but they seem to think the separate URL will work its the other Dapp Atomic they suspect is blocked.

Thanks man, that linked worked. Not sure what I was doing wrong

So like a URL going to WAX wallet Dapps page instead of the normal link can do that as well as other WAX Dapps, glad it worked & BTW did you hear of this games NFTs & crypto price spiking after it finally launched.

3d Farming game with an avatar they add hemp grows in game as part of their roadmap coming up, for now it spiked to over $3,000,000 in sales overnight
This is like brand new actionable info happening right now.

The list of legends 💪
All good work



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