HIGHlight's From The Cannabis Community

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Hello Weed Nerds! Back at you with some kick ass posts from our wonderful community. Great to see more sign up's for @Splinterlands, hopefully we can find some canna lovers out of that bunch. Sure Hive is cool to play games on, but there is so much more then that. A censorship free platform where you can earn crypto, it does not get better then that. Besides if we can get new members to our community from Splinterlands. They can post to Weedcash, and earn to buy more cards. Win, win. Just like how I took some DEC, and turned that into Weed ;) Anyway check out what is going on with the cannabis tag.....


Let's Grow Them Together Update #143~ Bruce Banger almost there


Artistio has been keeping us updated on his current Bruce Banger grow, and the time is very near. Another harvest on the Block Chain!


Jungle Boys- "LA Kush Cake" - End of Week-4-Veg


Armen is giving great instruction on how he goes about training his plants, to get them ready for flower. If you haven't subscribed yet, what are you waiting for!


Helena X PBB: A #5gallonchallenge Update


I have to say, this is the most proud of a grow I ever have been. I know I have a long ways to go, but seeing improvement is keeping me motivated.


Cannabis Bouquets


Drutters water only grow is also nearing an end. Very cool seeing all of us together like this. Keep on growing, and keep doing you! Just make sure to keep us updated here on Chain ;)


Cannabis Chicken Enchiladas (Cannabis Edible Recipe)


Another epic recipe for infusion. It's almost scary to think about. I do not know about you, but I really want the whole enchilada! ;)


Taking a nap / Echar la siesta


Well guess Happy is so good, he writes post in his sleep, haha


tent update pbb 🤗


After getting his PH in check, Loona's plants have taking a step to the next level. Just gourgous!


I moved one of my plants to the ground so that it grows more


After great success with planting in ground, Jakiro gives it another shot with one not doing so well. Definitely subscribe to this one. I suspect a strong finish!


[Polessins' Grow Log] - Durban Poison and Banana Blaze Week#5


I know that I do not tell you to subscribe to every post, but really one big reason for these highlights is for you to subscribe to all, or even to the cannabis tag. So you will not miss updates like this one from our friend from Brazil.


Bag Seed Herm "BSH Clone OG" - Week-6


More stellar content from Armen! Dispelling myths on "bag seed"


Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima - Stoned Gaming Stories


Games are cool, but games on weed are even better!


NICE BUSH! Outdoor grow report - Five foot tall Cannabis Indica plant


Drutter with a big ol bush he threw outside. May I add a big ol bush with big ol balls!


Tent Update


Here we have some Block Chain magic. Some cool things are going to be happening very soon!


Guide to becoming a Hash King


Interested in playing @hashkings? Here is a great tutorial


Waterin Wednesday


Just look at Daves Big Mack! That's a baseball bat!


My Relationship With the Different Kinds of Weed (Marijuana) in my Country


Always cool to see a different perspective on cannabis from other parts of the world.


Terpy bombs for Tuesday


No that's not a diamond, but close!


Hive Power Up Day Photo


Powering up Hive in style!


Day 21 | Lady bugs eat thrips | Casper OG | Spider Farmer SE7000


Glad to see Raw taking care of his pest issue. Would be a shame to see that fire get ruined!


Holidays with friends and visit to the Cannabis museum // Vacaciones con amigas y visita al museo del Cannabis


What other Block Chain can you have a grow log, do smoke reviews, and post your vacation pics, and get paid in crypto at the same time? God I love this place!


What Can You Do With Your WEED? Talking BroFi and Curation Trails


So much more to Weed then people realize. Thanks Dude for breaking it down for us! Make sure to go check out other projects Dude is working on, such as @hivelist.


Publicando algo de nuevo - Msi bellas flores 🍁🍁🍁💚


Here we have a Smoke.io refugee. Lets welcome him to the #1 block chain for cannabis with open arms!


Cannabis seedlings receiving life. [Hyperlapse]{Virginia, USA}


Going to leave off with the past week's highlights with a cool time lapse video of a cannabis seedling, enjoy!


Thanks to everyone who makes this community what it is. If your are not here, just keep on posting, and Ill do my best to include you in next week's Highlights. Please make sure to use the cannabis tag, or canna-curate. I do not monitor the marijuana tag! Also please make sure to go vote for Witnesses to keep the Chain running smooth. You have 30 votes, use them wisely, or you can always set @canna-curate as your proxy. Just head here, scroll all the way to the bottom, and type in our handle. Hope you enjoyed all the posts. Please go by, and leave a comment. You'd be surprised on how valuable interaction is. PEACE!





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Hahah yeah, I really upped my male game recently! But that's not really a skill most of us need or want. At least I've got pollen if I need it :D

Does anyone know why the price of WEED has collapsed? Was there an announcement I missed? I see today the price has essentially dropped right to zero. There are no buyers at any price for this token. You can walk into the market and pick up hundreds of thousands of tokens without spending a single HIVE. Pretty incredible. What happened? I invested in/earned/held a lot of WEED at much higher prices and feel like maybe I shouldn't have done that.

Not sure. Guess there is way more buyers then sellers. above my area of expertise. But what about that Hive pump? Pretty sweet eh

Just wondering if anybody heard anything, some announcement, or something major changed... but yeah I guess it's just a supply and demand thing. Perhaps it's a good time to buy a whole bunch for basically nothing?
The HIVE pump is great, back down to 75c now, but hopefully after a pullback it will resume the uptrend.

Appreciate the shout out as always thanks oh & here is an airdrop if you want

Lots of new weed NFT collections getting white listed lately that Stoney baloney colection has a shockingly high resale rates & price.
Usually weed collections sit a while but that shit sold in hours

Thanks bro! As soon as I get on my computer I’ll claim this :)

Wow, obviusly a bit more going on over there than i tought, better see if i should get me some WeedCash...

If i do, it´ll be with full blazt audacity!


Oh yeah we are not going anywhere. There have been some hiccups, but ain’t going to stop us

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It's totally true! Where else can you talk about your experiences and earn money? I love Hive! I love crypto! Thanks for the mention and the cure!! I can't believe how much I put together in that post and the 7 days are not yet over! Thank you! Good smoke! And long live the weed!

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