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What's up Weed Nerds! Hope all is well. Now that Summer is here, things have been busy. So I skipped a week for Curation Highlight's. I imagine this is true for many, since things have been looking dull, and bleak. Except for the die hards, who I think its safe to say, lifers of the Block Chain. Would be nice to see way more bloggers here, but there is little noise of Hive, let alone Weedcash outside of the chain. Oh well, lets just hope we don't see this place die like Smoke. Which even getting together with the die hards over there was a road block. I guess slow growth is better then nothing. Which is what we will continue to see with the way things are. But as the saying goes, the show must go on, and Canna will be here showing all of you love. Which to all of you who have been around, and the ones who I see in the comments, mad respect for making this place worth coming to! I suppose the more people stay on Instagram, the more crypto there is for us. And when their grow logs, and pics get deleted, ours will be immortalized here until the last running node......


Let the Curing Begin - An Exceptionally Good Harvest From One Plant


Brezzin has made it to that finish line. Something that everyone who consumes cannabis should experience once in their lifetime. It really does fell great:)


5 Gallon Challenge Update: Helena X PBB


Jon's #5gallonchallenge is far more better then the last run!


GOAL: To place on the Bucket Challenge leaderboard by flowering this Reclining Buddha


Drutter's giving the #5gallonchallenge a go!


Transplanting Canna-Starts for 2021 PNW Outdoor Season


Elamental has had some barriers to get his outdoor going this season, but this dude knows how to adapt and overcome!


Moving my plant to a bigger pot


Jakiro's #5gallonchallenge is coming along. Going to be a great round of contenders. What are you waiting for, get that seed/clone, and drop it in a bucket!


The Indoor Grow Tent


Getting a new tent is a great felling! Hopefully we get to see more updates from Chis with his crop he is doing indoors!


Let's Grow Them Together Update #123 ~ Mosquito canopy goes from today


I really say that Artisto has the best plant on the block chain. That picture proves me right!


Indoor + Outdoor Grow Diary Day 218 - Off-Grid Solar Powered LED Grow - Cuttings Day 39 + New Camera


Graham got a new camera, and it has really elevated his post game. His grow game however, has always been on point!


My beautiful medicinal plant


A beautiful little plant on the block chain


Some weed porn


What a glorious looking cola! Just amazing!!


Building A Worm Colony - Episode #6


Episode 6 of the Worm Colony Skyline has been building, and at same time teaching everyone else how to do it themselves.


Victim #6(6) six shooter auto 5 gallon grow challenge


Well folks here is our current Block Chain Grow Champion! This six shooter took in 84 grams for the top spot in the #5gallonchallenge. View that post here.




An interesting start to finish post. Might be on to something here Polessins!


Hump Day?


Reading this post again has made me realize that it is PHucking only Monday!


Waiting for the good times to come / Esperando a que lleguen los buenos tiempos


Yeah that's an Young Indy whipping some worms! Who would of thought?


New grow and general update!


Due to some shitty events Lancer had to take a little break from his grow. But he is back in the saddle again!


I guano get started on my super soil


The host of The Wash is getting his grow on! This dude knows his cannabis history, and obviously knows what's up with growing with living soil!


Wedding Cake [New Fav. Outdoor Strain]?!


I concur.....


Quick BMX - Big Mac update


By far the one the biggest Big Mack's of the chain, the plant looks good too :)


Cuttings of plants - Řízkování rostlin


A great, and easy how to clone guide. If you are new to taking cuts, or just want to try something different, then this is a must read!


Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. // Cannabis y el sistema endocannabinoide.


Everyone has it, and it is gods greatest gift to humans, :)


Hive Garden - Weekly Gardening Event #1


Everyone who grows cannabis, fruits, veggies, anything, check out this new community!


Transplanting Cacti


Psychedelic Cacti, do I need to say more?


Tom cookie


Some fire ass concentrate!


🌳Fuckin' around with Weedcash on a Sunday afternoon in Florida.


Movement bringing in that Heat, like always!


311 days until 4/20


Cannabis is more then just THC, in fact if cannabis had no terpenes, I really do not believe it would be as big as it is with humans, Change my mind....


NFT collection updates Bud Farm, Splinterlands, & AlienShips


Chubb smoking on some Grape Ape, along with a cool NFT report. If you are into NFT's, follow this guys, you may get a chance to claim a free airdrop. That is if you are the first to get to it, ;)


Hope you all enjoyed what our community has to offer. For those not included, just keep blogging, and Ill make sure to do my best to add you to the next report. As always do not forget the cannabis tag, and for more exposure canna-curate. Just please do not spam Weedcash with non cannabis or psychedelic posts, or expect a flag. Oh yeah I want to give a huge special thanks to @davedickeyyall for the 50K Weed Delegation. I am trying to get things set up for max curation. For right now I suggest you follow the @canna-community trail on, and set your time to vote at 0 min. Since that account seems to vote most Weedcash post first, but only if you post directly from the front end. That way I can come in with Canna and hit with the max Weed vote. Ill get it situated here soon. If needed I will make a curation dummy account for you all to follow for max Weed earnings.





Interesting ;))

Indeed! :)

A bunch of excellent selections.. if you need me to change that delegation I can.. just drop a message on Discord

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No need bro, ill get this running smooth.

Danks guys! Nice report. Checking out the cloning info now :))
Payouts are sure down lately. The past couple months have been horrible. I can spend hours on a weedcash post and still only pull in 7 bucks or something. It was easy to get $40-60 there for a while! Which is closer to what we're worth, when we put hours into something and share our knowledge and content. So hopefully the good times return when the market stops crapping the bed. At least this post did well.

Thank you for the share.
Yeah those pHucking Mondays show up in the most terrible spots of the week.
Try an stay cool, our turn in the heat this week.

I bet its hot as fuck where you are. Here it is getting close to 80, and thats pretty hot for us.

80 would be nice, that cute weather forecaster said 112.
pHucking hot, if'n we can keep it to just the low 100's with a little extra misting we ought to get thru.
Or we'll just set the timer on the misters an head for the beach if it gets that bad. Water works wonders.

hahaha thank you very much for the mention, in my city it is very complicated because the very icy days arrived, we have had temperatures that do not exceed 13 degrees, also one of my plants does not withstand the cold weather for long it will survive.

Thanks for including my stuff ;)

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No problem. Always cool to see something different that falls into our community.

Woot thanks for the shout out and also some awesome posts as always.

Yeah you know every time I do these I am impressed by the abundance of great posts we have. Things are a bit slow, but damn we have come light years since the hay days of Steem


Thanks for sharing this information

No problem!

it makes me lose $ 1 per post and I just said that I had bought weed tokens to vote on, be haters and I downvote in my turn with several accounts for each of your posts

And if you want to earn legit, just follow the @canna-community trail on hive vote, or set up whatever vote bot you use to vote on weedcash posts. Vote first, and you will earn great curation since you will vote before the big accounts.