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Hello fellow Weed Nerds! Well what can I say? Another epic week for the cannabis community. It is starting to take a good 2 hours for me to do these posts! But I enjoy going back, and reading your all posts. I hope that this Highlight reel makes it's way outside of the Chain so others can see how kick ass Weedcash is. Maybe they would see how cool it is to be able to post in a censorship resilient atmosphere. I really think it brings the best out for creativity. Thanks again to all who contribute, and remember your comments goes a lot further then you think. Just one comment may be enough to make someone's day. ENJOY!


The past 16 weeks ( A summary) The Boston Freedom Rally 2021


Boston's Freedom Rally is a staple of the cannabis community out east. With all the BS happening it is so cool they had an in person event for 2021. Glad to see it through the eyes of Joey here on the Chain.


Twd. Indica and sativa - Oral spray


Here is something cool we don't see everyday here on Weedcash, cannabis oral spray!


Kurvana ASCND Earth Og


A high quality cartridge filled with powerful medicine.


weekend post 🚀


Some cool pics from Mr. Loona.


It's time for another round of Steem OG...I'M EXCITED!


Steem OG lives! Yes this is a strain named after Steemit. Back in the day there was so much love for that platform. Today that love continues on here on Hive. It sure is a testament to our community. Steem Og was never about a strain, it was always about the community!


[Polessins' Grow Log] - Durban Poison and Banana Blaze Week#10


After a couple of setbacks in week 7 and 8, Polessins plants are looking great!


A Good Morning


Alapok's dance with the sun is paying off. Going to be a decent October harvest!


Monster Clones and Jungle Boys Week One


Screenshot (66).png

Armen has found the sex of his La Kush Cakes, 4 out of 10 are female. But all he needs is that 1!


Seed contest / Concurso de semillas


Happy is putting on a cool contest, which you all still have time to enter!


How The SAFE Banking Act Might Help Cannabis Businesses


This would be great for those who are not cash strapped in the cannabis market!


Skybuds Organic Grow Room : 5x5 #45 - Making Worm tea Part 1


In this episode Skybuds makes some tea from worm poop, YUMMMY!


Tent Update: Tap Roots, & A Dirty Little Secret


This grow is going to be epic, all thanks to @lacausa!


Grow Tent Update for October 5th, 2021


Wes's Autos are flowering, and the fun is beginning. Look at that training job! Man helping Mother Nature is always a site to see :)


My New Seeds Popped~Bred By Choosefreedom


The breeding content has come a long way since the Steem Og days! This project from Choosefreedom is going to be one to watch.


"In too Deep"


Not necessarily a bad problem. But can turn into a bad one if not taking care of soon.


Taking some tops...


Screenshot (68).png

Dave taking some tops from his massive outdoor plants. Nice to see his hard work pay off!


nother day another joint, good morning Hive



The best way to start off your day!


I test my new cell phone taking some good photos of my plants


Jakiro's new camera is top notch! Now he can really capture the essence of that bad ass plant he has in the ground.


WeedChat: New Community Initiative


Mad respect for The Dude. He is mad busy with so many projects, yet still finds the time to push Weedcash! Don't forget to show some love, and get your Weedcash swag over at the Weedcash Store.


30 Did you know? Facts about cannabis


Some cool facts that I never even knew!


Bag Seed Clones - Final Weight


A nice haul of bomb flower! Nice work man


My microdose journey so far


Microdosing psilocybin has helped so many I know, even a few here on Hive. Seeing this box really shows you we are heading in some good places. Yes I know there is still some bad shit going on, but that does not mean there still can not be good:)


New Video Look - New WeedChat Weekly Post - Gorilla Glue and Cereal Milk!



More from The Dude!


Nuevo comienzo / New beginning


Current, and past photos from The Musiquero, hopefully we will see reg updates :)


Starting New Cannabis Seeds


A new round of growing from fellow Weedcasher, Future mind!


Day #33. Hydroponic Cannabis grow.


Anybody interested in seeing a Hydro grow, this is a cool blog to see just that!


Pie Stomper Flowering Development - Wind Displacement Strategy


Not even the wind will knock down Elamental!


Cannabis plant Harvest Time & weed NFTs + Airdrop


Some updates on the world of NFT's. Chubb also got his grower buddy an account!


Hashkings News #1


So much going on in the world of Hashkings!


Big Mac Attack..


Screenshot (69).png

Well The Big Mack now has the stamp of approval from #themorningbowl!


How I make rosin from leaf waste.


Some great tips from a pro!


Designing & 3D Printing a Vape Stand


Alright going to leave off with this cool 3D printed vape stand!



Well that's a wrap. Thank you to everyone, and if you are not here, just keep on posting. Please if your posting anything cannabis related, always include the tag cannabis. This is our tag, always has been. I might find your post eventually if you don't use it, but if you do, I will find it right away. Another tag you can use is canna-curate. Another thing you can do to help the Cannabis Community is subscribe to the Weedcash channel on Hive. To help the whole Hive community make sure to go vote for Witnesses. You have 30 votes, use them wisely. Or you can just set us as your proxy. Just go here scroll to the very bottom and type in our name @canna-curate manually. Well everyone have a safe weekend, and don't forget to snap those pics of that outdoor you, or someone you know has. Happy harvest!






Finally convinced my friend to post on weedcash his post is above a little late for the highlight real but his first post & intro link is above.


Thanks for the shout out & ill let everyone know when posts, I normally toss in some NFTs but you where lucky with my post today LOL.

Yeah and doubt I'll get lucky again though. You really came up with something cool. Respect the hustle

Thanks that's real High praise I appreciate it

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Some awesome contributions this week

Hell yeah! Especially the Big Mack Attack!

Some epic posts this week