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What's up fellow Weed Nerds! Hope all is well. Things are steady here, not much of a change from last update. The die hard's are posting still. But it was a nice surprise to see some Og people from back in the day pop their heads in on the chain. Hopefully they stick around, and maybe we can get things rocking again. Oh one more thing before we proceed to the highlights, if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to Weedcash, and Hivegarden. The greenest community's on the Chain, ;)


Grow update


We will start off this highlight reel with a grow mid way into flower. Adele is in a very crucial time to where humidity will wreak havoc if not taken care of. Smart move on getting a dehumidifier. Also a great teaching lesson for everyone. Those small dehumidifiers are not good enough for cannabis!


Bag-seeds - Week 5 (Day 31)


An Og from back in the Steem days is now on Hive, and is bringing that heat!


Natural plants-Free market/Black market/Regulated market



I know people on the black market can be shady, and not knowing what is in your medicine is even more iffy. But letting our governments take control of something can be even worse. Be careful what you wish for......


Finally a Michigan out door grow tour & lots of NFT content.


Our resident NFT expert had a very cool visit to an outdoor farm in Michigan.


BBQ Ribs With Marijuana Sauce Recipe (Cannabis Edible Recipe)


[Insert drooling face]


Indoor Garden Update - and Deeper Look at Thrips Damage


Bugs suck! Hopefully Futuremind can get them under control.


The buds are starting to fill in


Wes showing off two of his great skills, growing, and photography.


Jungle Boys- "LA Kush Cake" - Seedling


Now this grow has me excited! You you ever heard of The Jungle Boys you would be too!


WeedCash content


Some wild cannabis growing in fellow block chain friend Trayan's back yard. Those leaves are massive!


Canada Cannabis Review - Jean-Guy - Fume (510) & Yocan Uni Twist


Bud tender Nathan the wise showing off some heat that you can get legally in Canada.


Contest time...


Always cool to see these contests, I need to get one up soon myself, any suggestions?


Apple fritter


As American as Apple Fritter?


I need some advice on these two little ones


When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask on the Chain.


5 Gallon Grow Challenge - Day 11 - Massive Leaves + Great Progress


Another #5gallonchallenge contender! Folks contest is ongoing, so what are you waiting for?


Marijuana ointment Konopná mast


A homemade remedy for skin conditions such as Psoriasis.


BifBean grapefruit punch


Some finished flower grown by Sklinebuds, bred by @bifbeans


weekend tent update


This cross is Weedcash x Bifbeans! Pretty cool!


Let's Grow Them Together Update #136 ~ Girl Scout Crack shots


Just a flawless garden. I can only imagine how these buds smell, BOMB!


Bucket Challenge update and Reclining Buddha photography


The first stud of the #5gallonchallenge, 210 Weed will be sent.


My New Shade Netting is Very Cool! :)


This summer has brought some record breaking heat to some areas. Herbology has deployed a shade net to protect his garden.


Bye-bye bugs..


Got to have an IPM regiment if you want to grow a successful crop.


Skybuds Organic Grow Room : 2x4 Bifbeans GrapeFruit Punch : Mars Hydro ts600 #2



An oz of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.


Lemon Potion CBD


Another Og from back in the day posting again!


5 gallon challenge evolution / Evolución del 5 gallon challenge


Bad ass graphic for the challenge! BTW Happys contender is looking good.


Well that wraps up the last week. For those not on here, just keep posting, and Ill do my best to include you in the next update. As a reminder do not for the cannabis tag, and for extra visibility use the canna-curate tag. Also if you have any witness votes open, please consider voting for @weedcashnetwork, @enginewitty, and @ocd-witness. Or you can set @canna-curate as your proxy.






Some awesome posts here to our community


Canna this post is awsome, great inclusion of awsome grow posts and more. Keep on man. If I had the option of going back to the "buds in jar" days medical only, I would. Shit is way to expensive; I got an eight of some Doja Brand RS11 for 75 dollars way too high for weed that's going to be finished in less than a day. THC at 32% which was great, but the terps were not to my standards. I regreat everytime I pay more than 40 bucks for an eight.

OH man I hear that! Never in my life would I ever think there would be 80$ 1/8ths, but shit ive seen 100! Club said, oh but if you come in during happy hour you can get it for 80. Screw that. Then don't get me started on the freeze cured bud, total garbage! But these growers are just trying to save $$, because the state taxes them up the ass. Then not to mention the price of rent.

You ever tried Pacific Stone? It's 45$ for 7 grams. The Wedding Cake is the one I always get. Its good weed with no bullshit shebang.

Sounds familiar. I have had La made, not exactly cheap, but I believe I paid 40$, and it was some fire! I actually was getting some local greenhouse grown wedding cake for 80$ an oz. A little stemy, but the terps where just phenomenal.

I cant find wendding cake that tastes like the ones from 4 years ago.

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Nice my 4 week old apple made it. It’s week 7 and man it’s nice. Happy growing

Yeah Apple Fritter is bomb! I will grow it soon. Is your Apple Fritter the newest addition to your garden?

Thanks for the shout out appreciate it here's some Bud farm NFTs

The 31st a new Monsters of rap series 2 packs launch
Figured this is the proper demographic for that type of info

Thank you so much! Very cool