5 Gallon Challenge Update #1

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What's up fellow Weed Nerds! So it has been 5 day's since the rollout of a new grow challenge. I was thrilled to see some excitement, here and off the block chain. Growing is fun, and I will never stop encouraging people to grow there own. The next best thing to producing your own medicine, is consuming your self grown medicine, ;) So let's go over the basics once more for those just tuning in.

  • Grow a plant in a 5 us Gallon(18.9271) container.
  • Can be seed, clone, auto, or photo.
  • Post an update here on Weed Cash once a week
  • Use tag #canna-curate
  • Whoever takes 1st place on leaderboard gets 1500 Weed
  • To enter your plant must be no later then 1 week of flower
  • This contest will be ongoing, and you can enter multiple times, but only have 1 entry per grow

I hope to see seasoned growers, as well as beginners enter. No one is to good, just as much as someone is not to bad to enter. We are here to have fun.

The first goal anybody should have when entering The 5 Gallon Challenge, is to make it on the leader board

5 Gallon Contenders


Our first entry. This will be his first grow ever, and he is giving the 5 Gallon Challenge a go. Must respect bro, and don't worry, keep it simple, and don't hesitate to ask questions. Lot's of good people here will be happy to assist. Good luck!



The Ganja Nomad is no stranger around these parts. The #morningbowl is an institution here on the block chain. Dave will be cracking some Auto's from BIF Beans. Good luck bro!


Last but not least, we have another block chain OG, Mr. Skyline. Not only is he entering the 5 Gallon Challenge, he is putting on a Nug Porn challenge. Much love, and good luck!


Hopefully this list grows each week. Fell free to use the above graphics to promote this challenge outside of Weedcash. Before I go I want to give a special thanks to @mondoshawn for designing the 5 Gallon Challenge graphics, and then a huge thank you to @davedickeyyall for his 500 Weed contribution to the prize pool. Keep in mind that this is fresh, and things will be added as we go. The only thing that will remain the same, is the actual grow, lol. That's it for now, and keep a look out for more updates. If I have missed anybody, please comment below. PEACE!!



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Whoot whoot! Just started the germination process. Fingers crossed.

Oh shit! Good luck man!

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Spank you!

Nice can't wait to see it

Me neither. Using the paper towel method.

Thanks for the Shout out 😃.. I see a few more nugs being shared 😃

I can't wait to get my update out for my 5 gallon... I decided to use a maple Cookies clone... The mom is looking 🔥🔥🔥

Right on bro!

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Seems like a great challenge, I look forward to see what people grow :D

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Saving my last fabric 5 gallon for incoming #slurricane would love to participate in the 5 gal challenge from @canna-curate.

Right on!! Just make sure it is actually 5 gallons. Pot sizes are different then us gallons.

Nice can't wait to see it grow 😃

I won't be doing a grow of my own, but I look forward to seeing the on-going posts about it.

Maybe next year, I’m sure you could get a blue dream and gives us a run for our money ;)

Some day soon I hope to be in a position to start growing again. I love this challenge idea. !tan


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I wish all the growers good luck. I think I need to wait for upcoming challenges to fit in 👻.

Well it’s open indefinitely, so when ever your ready bro! :)