4/20 Virtual Meetup!

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Don't forget to come hang with us on this Tuesday @1pm Pst over in the Canna Discord! @thelogicaldude will be putting in a session for us, along with @movement19. There will be airdrops, and also some giveaways. Won't say much more, but will say that these will be purchased from the Weedcash Store and sent to a few lucky winners as a gift. Big shout out to @bluntsmasha, Co-Founder of Canna-Curate for his sizeable donation. Big things will be planned in the coming weeks, and months. Ill be working with @derangedvisions, Co-host of the podcast @homegrownpodcast closely on what we can do to onboard more quality people here to Weedcash.

Also want to give a shout out to @bifbeans. Do not miss out on their 4/20 sale where they will be having a BOGO for their seeds, and then 20% off their 3d printed products. To start off 4/20 early I will buy someone a pack of seeds, but with a catch. Starting now, all the way to Tuesday 1PM PST make your best post about your favorite strain.

Rules to enter the giveaway

  • Must be signed up for Weedcash.org
  • Must subscribe to the Weedcash Communtiy
  • Use the tag canna-curate
  • No word count requirement, but the better your post, the more chances of getting better votes
  • I will assign your post a #, then draw from a hat at the virtual meetup

Good luck!




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Keep on spreading the positive energy my friends! !LUV @tipu curate

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I will be recording a portion of my set which will be a live production, and minting it as a single edition private NFT from the @groove-logic account and half of the proceeds will be going to the @weedcash-fund

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@ganjafarmer told me to follow you. Talked to him for a bit on discord the other day. He has a lot of good things to say about ya!

Right on! Well hello! Haha.

Dude that’s so bad ass! NFTS are still a bit over my head, but I do know there cool asf!

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Right on homies, REALLY hoping for another IN PERSON one next year again at NW Canna-Club! I will hop on here when I get back from 4/20 festivities on Tuesday.

Awesome. I will try and stop in for a while during the day.


How long does it go on for? I might be able to take a break and come hang out for a bit.

At least a few hours. :)

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