My other garden

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Ok, so i have a room setup 12/12 but I dont know what the strains are so I never bother to post about them. Well I have decided to open the door and show you guys what I have going on. Also I am looking for a little insight as summer arrives.





This lady here has been around the block. Back in December I popped a few bean from some fire bagweed. She was the only survivor, accidentally put into flower after 3 weeks, reverted her back to veg, she had a book dropped on her and busted her up, I guess she monstercropped so I nursed her along pulled a clone from her. I cannot wait to smoke her! It has been a journey. Her clone is ridiculous...... It is way too big.

Clone is on the right, I really want to put her under a better light but she wont fit so I have her under a blurple
Oh yea... the plant on the left is a reveg a successful one

Here's another shot of the clone she's about 4 foot tall

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Nice man! You definitely got some skills

Thanks bro, I appreciate that

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Nice job, some great looking plants. I really like that stoned art work.

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