Am I crazy or the market supply of weed miners changed from 400 to 4.201???

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I visited to search for my weed miners because I couldn't find them on they're not there either, but now the problem seems bigger. The weed miner supply is up from 400 to 4000. What's going on?

Somebody knows something about this? Is there some post about the steem to hive engine migration of the weed tokens?

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WEEDMM and WEEDM have just been discontinued on Steem-Engine. There was a 2 day period after WEEDMM and WEEDM were aidropped 1:1 that the miners were still available on Steem-Engine. As you may have noticed they are gone now. I can do one of two things:
I can refund your STEEM
I can give you the same number of miners on Hive-Engine, as that is where all the mining and functionality will take place from now on, if you are still interested in mining WEED.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello my friend. Yes, I would like to have the miners. But still, I want to know about the supply, because one thing I really liked about your miners was the low amount of supply of them, but now there are a lot more, right? It went from 400 to 4k

Hello @coffeebuds, yes, I would like to get the miners on Hive-engine. Please, let me know what has to be done to make it happen. I don't want to lose my investment.

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