First strain review ! Grapes of Wrath 🍇

Hello fellow stoners! Today I’ll review the strain “Grapes of Wrath” . When I picked this up from my plug earlier my first thought was how professional the packaging looked. I appreciate the dealers going the extra mile to compete with big clinics around my area.image.jpg

Name of strain:Grapes of Wrath
Where it’s from:*As it says on the packaging it’s proudly grown in Long Beach California
Price:45$ an eighth
THC %:26.57%

The smell of the buds are fruity definitely has that gas smell by gas I mean dank. Type of weed makes you want to keep smelling it. Smokes good from the first green hit till the end of the bowl . Tastes little fruity but over all clean hit not harsh at all , could smoke several bowls and want to keep smoking . Get high with in 10 15 min of smoking . I do have a high tolerance , but I don’t really get stoned to the point where I’m too baked and lazy .image.jpg

I bought the weed because I needed more and I’m happy with my purchase ! This bud definitely gives me the munchies. I give this strain a 8.5 I like the way it burns smells and tastes the overall delivery of the stain was dope , and the high which matters most is clean image.jpg

I’ll probably smoke about 4 bowls to myself and take 30 min think about random stuff . You know what would be cool to do, that ghost challenge that’s goin on lol if only you had friends .

Thank you for reading ! Hope you enjoy my review let me know what you think in the comments .


$45 a eighth? Ouch. With prices that high it better blast you to outer space. I bitch about paying $150 a ounce..

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That's true I used to pay 150 an oz too then the pandemic hit bow people wanna charge 170! Or more 😭

Prices here at the shops are outrageous! I am starting to see more and more 75$ eighths. God bless legalization. lol Hopefully the prices drop in a few years. But with the way they do taxed here, highly doubtfull.

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