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RE: Some weed porn

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wow... I'm overwhelmed
firstly, Did you put them in a refrigerator?
besides, once you make your cookbook are you going to open a restaurant for sales.

apart from the euphoria it creates, what medicinal uses does it have


I didn't put it in the refrigerator. I've never heard of anyone doing that. Opening a restaurant would be too much work. There are many different medical benefits of cannabis. This article explains some of them

okay... i thought you did that for a second, then how do you get them to have chill and frosty look

That is what weed looks like

noted sir...
just that I have never really seen the process of growing it
I once saw it in a movie series TOPBOY where they had to preserve the leaves like they were incubating babies.

they weren't so many scenes about it.
The only times I get to see it is on 4:20 day celebration.
I only see one leaf like that one similar to Canada's maple leaf.
the other time I see it is when guys smoke it in wrizzler wraps.

Thanks for the descriptive photos.
I'll be observant these days