Grow log #14 Sugar Bomb Punch into Day 35 of flowering

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Hello, cannafolks!

Sugar Bomb Punch with so many trichomes on day 35 of flowering.

bw 5.jpg

bw 1.jpg

I'm sorry for the lighting, it has been not so good as it should have been.

bw 3.jpg

Gorgeous she is and I'm starting to notice the fine color changing of a few fan leaves. Exciting!

bw 4.jpg

Day: 35 into flowering
Light: Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED
Tent: 2x4x8 Gorilla tent
Bucket: 8 Gallon current culture solo bucket
Nutrients: Cultured solutions line

Stay trippy! Stay happy!


#highbrix nice!

Had to come back for another look! So let me pick your brain a little.

When you flip to a 12/12, what inputs do you add all the way from the first day to the 3rd week?

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