Exquisite Super Cereal

Presenting to you this deluxe nug of Super Cereal.

bw 1.jpg

This deliciously dense, sugar-frosted bud is Super Cereal - bred by my friend Anna. Her smell of fruity sugar cereal solely more explodes once she's run through the grinder. It's ridiculous.

bw 2.jpg

Like, shove your nose within the grinder reasonably ridiculous.

Like giving it the strength that sniffs reasonably ridiculous.

bw 3.jpg

Like accidentally comin' up lookin' like the shocked.

bw 4.jpg

Alien Ring Popz and Sugar Bomb Punch into week 6 of flower and the house smells super perfectly sweet.

Day: Week 6 of flowering
Light: Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED
Tent: 2x4x8 Gorilla tent
Bucket: 8 Gallon current culture solo bucket
Nutrients: Cultured solutions line

Stay trippy! Stay happy!


Manually curated by goldendawne from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, that's so kind of you. 😊

like the name and look of it

Appreciate your comment!

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That looks amazingly dank! Thank you for your description. Made me want to go burn!

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