New law decreases # patients per caregiver and more

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Hello there i have news on some legislation going up for vote with a bunch of new rules for caregivers. We all knew that before too long government and big business would try to put a stranglehold on the cannabis industry. The time has come. The new legislation cuts the # of plants and patients a caregiver can have as well as how much cannabis he can keep on hand, and how to grow it. All in a effort to give people no alternative than to pay a crazy amount of tax and use provision centers to get there medicine. Right now a caregiver can legally grow 60 plants for 5 patients 12 apiece and 12 for personal use a total of 72. The new law if voted in will decrease those numbers to a mere 24 plants and one patient , 12 apiece. This will create a shortage of caregivers and leave 4 out of 5 patients out of luck and out of medicine. It also states that all the marijuana must be grown indoors and tested. This ensures that caregivers must buy expensive lights and lots of indoor growing supplies, once again more tax more money for big business.....GO FIGURE.... The amount of medicine the one is allowed to have on hand will drop from 15 oz to 5. oz. Further more it creates a new licence called " special medical grower" it costs 500 dollars and requires all marijuana to be grown indoors and tested. It seems we have a general theme here , money, taxes, regulation. We all suffer. Now 2/3 of all Michigan cannabis comes from unlicensed grows. That ads up to about 3 billion yes i said 3 billions dollars. The main proponent of the new law is the "MCMA" Michigan Cannabis Manufactures Association just another special interest group that has everyone in there pocket. They want that 3 billion don't think they don't and the government wants the taxes on it . Lets all do our best to make sure all this goes down in a puff of smoke literally. LOL We don't need more legislation designed push the little guy out and pad the ever fattening pockets of the MCMA. They don't need a bigger piece of our pie.

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Good to see you sticking with weedcash , yeah I agree they want to make it so independent growers dont stand a chance

I’ve been following this , and I didn’t even know about the 5oz on hand crap. What a joke. Plant count has always been a joke.

very tru i'm sure it wont pass it takes 75% majority . and that new license do all caregivers have to get it or is it a totally different thing I really couldn't find anymore about it .

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thanks can use all the help i can get

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