Let's Grow Them Together Update #145~ Experimenting Ice Flushing

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What’s new?" Guys!

After a veg period of almost 10 weeks, we are nearly done now, not much days left for the finale. I hope this word fits nicely haha!

Done some ice flushing in a hope to increase the look, taste and the potency of the buds. I need to prepare myself from now to cut this charming down.

Thanks! ✌

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gook luck with it

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tnx bro 🙌💚

my gf reaction when the camera went up really got me. i think i never seen her so surprised in my whole life uuhauHUAHuahauahauh. i must say i am f* surprised as well.. what have you been feeding it lol
one of the biggest plants ive seen. awesome !!!

That's a great compliment. I'm ecstatic man, tnx a lot! 🙌🙏💚

Interesting. I think I'll try this on a couple of mine

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Very nice, still can't believe it's one plant. Awsome! I ran cold water yesterday on my plant. I'm cutting in 5 days or less. "Ice..., Ice..., baby"

Hope your harvest gets huge 🙏💚

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