Let's Grow Them Together Update #123 ~ Mosquito canopy goes from today

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What’s new?" Guys!

This is how my monster Bruce Banger Fast looks like under the mosquito net tech canopy.


BBF is growing into 42 liters soil and coco mixture 50 - 50. The branches are growing bigger also, and the tent house is of size 100 x 100 x 200.


Some of my friends over here really liked this mosquito net tech canopy and were curious to know why I used them in almost every growing project.


So guys I use these techniques because this helps me to get more branches on the top of the canopy. I will also suggest them to my grower friends here and you'll be greatly surprised with the final results.


This tech is used after BBF got past 10 weeks veg phase.



—Pngtree—simple black gradient european pattern_5454461 (1).png

Thanks! ✌


This is probably by far the best plant currently on the chain! Nice job

tnx bro for the wonderful compliment 💚🤘

Looks like a Beast.
I'm also wondering on the mosquito net. I hasn't changed the light penetration to the lower branches?
Also I'm not knocking it just curious if it impedes the light?

Little bit but doesn't matter that much to be honest. Thanks anyways 💚🙌

I love those shots from the bottom looking up. Very cool perspective.

tnx friend 🤘💚

Nice, This plant has to be a great to grow.

Still haven't fully figured out the extra net

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