Let's Grow Them Together Update #118 ~ Bruce Banger Powerful and Big

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What’s new?" Guys!

So Bruce Banger is growing really big and fast and I did got the lights on for 16 hours a day. She also consumes a lot of Organic nutrients and mainly the poer plant. For once I give BB a normal doese and the next time provide her with double.

That's also may be the reason for wahy it is getting stronger and huge.

This seeds by Seedsmanseeds is in day 60 and gonna keep this into vegetation for this coming week also. Then thinking of flipping it into flower.

Thanks! ✌

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God that SGROG is so beautiful! Great work man, that is what I will be shooting for on my current grow. If i can get it half as good I will be happy.

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tnx bro 💚🙏🙌.. Will be waiting for it.

Looks healthy. Nice work.

👉 Very nice 👈 You shine ice with light, how many wats does it have?

Looking fantastic, I love the scrog. Do you find it more work to trim?

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